Reset: Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society

The 2020 CBC Massey Lectures. How did I just find out about this?

@GeoffWozniak I just looked it over, but basically my nokia 8110 4g (with whatssapp(?) capability) is the way, and then some cli-commands are nice to save energy for 20 peeps brainfrustrating over a gui.

I liked the title, liked the overview, gonna be honest: monday I start my job, not too sure if it makes my backlog of audio-files :ablobcatangel:

Also [social media]"but there's a real reason it seems impossible to quit." I did, unless mastodon counts :blobcatgoogly:​ so a bit worried there... I like to be the one who is surprised to see holiday photos on a get together :p

@GeoffWozniak I don't follow Professor Deibert directly but I did see that retweeted by @CitizenLab@twitter.

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