Not sure everyone should be gloating about YouTube going down. It's not like the smaller services (decentralized or not) don't fail either.

@GeoffWozniak But not all at once. Difference between your machine crashing, and Forster's "The Machine Stops".

@mdhughes It may be that the fediverse keeps going when one instance goes down, but if that's my gateway to access, the difference is moot.

@GeoffWozniak I have at least 4 fedi accounts, masto.soc is my fallback in case current server goes down, and I could spin up a Pleroma on my own server if I had to. Worst case is you have to relocate your friends (keep account backups!) & follow back.

Worst case of Google or Twitter shuts down is everything goes away.

@mdhughes If this is how decentralized is supposed to work, then it's surely doomed to the fringes.

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