New bike! So much lighter than the old one.

Will be going for a ride later.

@11backslashes Aluminum. It's a Giant Escape 2 City. Nothing really special. It's just that my old bike was a beast. :)

@GeoffWozniak Oh wow, I have an Escape 2 (2015) as my commuter! It was an upgrade from my Raleigh Detour, which wasn't really my style, and steel. I love the Escape, they're really comfortable.

@11backslashes Good to hear! When I rode it back from the store it was so different than my other bike that I didn't even know what to think. It was so much smoother.

Looking forward to going out tomorrow morning for an extended ride to see how it feels and what adjustments may have to be made.

It's nice to have a bike that fits, though.

@11backslashes This Escape 2 is the 2021 model.

I had the old bike for about 17 years or so. It was a hand-me-down when I got it. The last couple of years I've been riding more since I can't do running any more, so it was time to get something that was better suited.

The old one is getting fixed up and donated to someone who needs it.

@GeoffWozniak It makes all the difference in the world to have a bike that is sized for you, especially if you're having joint problems. Let me know how you like the disc brakes— I have only ever had v-brakes on my bikes.

Also, good on you for donating. I hope it's a great fit for whoever ends up with it, and they continue to pay it forward. This ethos in the cycling community is probably why I have stuck with it, unlike so many other activities I have tried.

@11backslashes It will probably go to a student in need. It's monsterously heavy, but it's something. I'm hoping it will help someone.

@normandc @GeoffWozniak I switched from 32s to 28s, and I'm never looking back, at least on the road. I also went for slick tires, so the traction is unbeatable unless the road is wet. But in that instance I'm not trying to go fast anyway.

A gravel or mountain bike sounds fun though. I haven't hit the dirt trails in several years, and that's one hell of a good time.
@normandc @GeoffWozniak Yeah, 28s are definitely not gravel tires, so I'm not sure why your coworker suggested them. I guess they had no idea what kind of paths you were riding.
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