• About $450 for new toner cartridges for a colour laser printer that my wife's work didn't want to maybe correct a problem that shows when printing black and white. A single cartridge may be sufficient.
  • Get new b&w laser printer, thereby wasting a perfectly usable one.
  • Use an ink jet, but possibly go through oodles of ink.
  • Not print anything, but that is becoming less and less of an option.


@GeoffWozniak Inkjets are not an improvement in any way.

Your cheapest option is probably a new laser printer with a more economic cartridge size. We got a cheap Brother color laser two years ago and the first new toner for all colors was under a $100 and we were printing a lot for the kid's school stuff.

@tsturm Yeah, I'm reluctant on the ink jet. My wife likes it, but if I start printing research papers, it's going to get annoying fast.

I had a decent little laser printer in grad school and it basically never ran out of toner. That is probably the best option.

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