What are some very inexpensive Win10 laptops? I'm exploring some ideas for work and I don't know what I should be looking for.

Of course, I can find out, but some pointers would be appreciated!

@GeoffWozniak honestly? A used Lenovo think pad and a fresh SSD is the strongest combo.

@thegibson I'm thinking of doing this to my old ThinkPad, but it may be woefully underpowered.

@GeoffWozniak @thegibson As long as the old Thinkpad is recent enough to have DDR4 and you put in at least 8GB and an SSD you should be fine. Only reason I don’t use my X220T more is the 768p display.

@GeoffWozniak just work, only work? office software and web and streaming video to a 720p screen?

@Shitlord Yeah, just work. I need to run WSL2 for building and test stuff in an IDE on Windows. That's the entire use case.

There will be no streaming save for git pull/push :)

@GeoffWozniak personally, I'd say forget the laptop altogether and just use a display you probably already have with a stick pc. I like the Azulle Access Plus, personally, it has a LAN port even if you don't care for or can't use wifi for some reason. It can do everything a laptop can for less and it's quite snappy. It just can't stream to huge 58" 4K TV's, imagine that.

@Shitlord Yeah.

And probably a decent amount of hard drive space. 64GB is likely not enough. 256GB would is probably a good idea.

@GeoffWozniak I use an external hard drive with its single usb3.0 port. 2TB seagate is less than 100 dollars at costco right now. If you're able to go there that is.

@GeoffWozniak I should say I used a power usb 3.0 hub and 2tb external usb3.0 drive. and the usb2.0 slot was for the logitech wireless keyboard.

@Shitlord Experience has shown that builds on an external drive (USB 3.0 or whatever) are pretty slow. I might be able to make it work, though. Food for thought, if nothing else. Thanks!

@GeoffWozniak I've seen some pretty cheap SSD's lately too, can't attest to the build speed however.

@GeoffWozniak you ready for an alphanumeric soup?

HP probook x360 11 [x] EE

X can be either g1, g3, or g5, which varies based on specs.

I got mine for like $300 refurbished. They're made to be indestructible in the hands of middle schoolers.

Mine works for everything I need it to. Web browsing works fine, processer is typical of small form factor laptops.

A couple downsides: the screen is 1366x768, but with only 11.6 inches of screen real estate, that probably won't be a big issue. I only noticed it when using mastodon because it can only fit 3 panes.

Mine has a weird issue where the battery will drain after a day or two if I don't shit it down properly and just close the lid or put it to sleep.

@GeoffWozniak oh, also, it's convertible to a tablet. The hinge is suitable for the task, sturdy, and not too wobbly. The touch screen isn't terrible.

@Anarkat Thanks for the recommendation. It may be more than I need, but I'll take a look.

@GeoffWozniak @Ventronik Dell generally has very good deals on two- or three-year old business models in the outlet section of their website. Latitude 13” 3000 2-in-1 8/128 w/ i3-8145U for $493 incl Win10 Pro. Just make sure you avoid the 1366x768 display models (fleet buyers love that crap).

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