When everyone is working from home, it feels a lot less cool.

@egret I don't check personal messages much when I'm working, so now it's totally FOMO.


I take some glee in watching everyone suddenly realize they have no clue how to be productive without oversight. It's a nice change from the "yeah yeah working from home is easy. No pants!" that they have been beaking off about for years.

@jonw @GeoffWozniak our society discourages self-direction and self-management.


Our society would be utterly destroyed by self-direction, self-management, and self-reliance.

@jonw @GeoffWozniak

@starbreaker @Anarkat @GeoffWozniak

It is driven that way. It's just so abstracted that you can't see it any more.

@starbreaker @jonw @GeoffWozniak You're right. It is not possible for society as it currently exists to function should all its members be given self-direction and self-management.

But just because society in its current form relies on this dependency doesn't mean that a better world is not possible.


I know a better world is possible.

I also know that a better world is improbable.

@jonw @GeoffWozniak


What, and let the bastards win by default? Fuck that; what have they done for me that I should hand them an easy win?

@jonw @GeoffWozniak

@starbreaker @Anarkat @GeoffWozniak

Can you drop me from this thread? I really don't need a "the world is shitty" thread on my radar right now.


I don't need one either, and yet I started it. Sorry. I'm going to drop out, too.

@Anarkat @GeoffWozniak

@starbreaker @Anarkat @GeoffWozniak

And that's why the Fedi is so much cooler than the other sites. Thank you 👍

@jonw My wife is already asking me, "How do you do this?"

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