We cede these decisions to private companies and corporate interests. We get more convenience, but I’m not sure we get more control.

Maybe others are starting to catch on?

@GeoffWozniak Really liked your use of a Quoted text block on this post, Geoff -- thank you, it inspired me to put out a #wishlist thread for Rich Text formatting in Toots.

It looks so neat and can be done so easily by the users. Whoever doesn't care, just use plain text.

Can be done, let's have it. TY!!

@rgx I believe htown supports basic (inline?) Markdown in the text entry, something I recently learned.

Might as well test it!



@GeoffWozniak @rgx


  • I know lists work
  • at least I think they do
and fenced literal blocks

what about highlighted code?

worth a shot

say "Hey";

@randomgeek @rgx Honestly, blockquotes are the killer feature.

I've never really loved enclosing stuff in double quotes and the '>' indicator suffers from the same problem: you can't tell if you're looking at a quote right away. Rendering it in a somewhat classic quote style is really handy.

@GeoffWozniak @rgx yep. The only reason I don't use Markdown for every toot is the cross-poster does a plain text (md stripped) version.

@GeoffWozniak @rgx a decision which clearly I reevaluate on a daily basis 😆

@randomgeek @GeoffWozniak @rgx Well, if you're going to treat Twitter as a first-class citizen, you're going to have a reduced experience.

I still have a twitter account, but I won't post anything there if I can avoid it ...

@yojimbo @GeoffWozniak @rgx eh, my friends are the first class citizens, not the platform. I do what I can to reach them wherever they are.

@randomgeek @GeoffWozniak @rgx I had friends on Facebook too. I still have the friends, but I don't have the Facebook.

Sometimes they ask me why, and then I tell them. The conversion rate isn't that good, but most of them are now conditioned to only use Facebook for talking to people they know in the real world ... and not reading anything 'promoted' by anyone/anything.


Have an account there but don't even like to visit, it's so repetitive. And their algos, you have no chance of people seeing your posts unless people do like and respond. Ugh.

Good for conforming sheep.

@randomgeek @GeoffWozniak

@rgx @yojimbo @GeoffWozniak I mean. I hate the platform and pretty much every aspect of it for my own usage, but I'd stop a bit short of calling my mom a conforming sheep.

I can see the utility of a centralized social platform for nontechnical users. If MeWe had an API, I'd push folks to that.

@rgx @yojimbo @GeoffWozniak but yeah good lord every detail of FB past "centralized social platform for nontechnical users' is just plain evil.

@randomgeek @rgx @GeoffWozniak I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with being a "conforming sheep", I just accept it as the human (social) condition.

@yojimbo @randomgeek @GeoffWozniak Didn't mean to offend all of us who have relatives still happy and present in the FB network, but the platform itself, their algorithms and the revelation of all the dirt about Cambridge Analytica and their election manouvering is pretty disgusting.

Plus their CEO refusal to consider the content validity of political advertising, to keep ads and cash flowing unimpeded. Justified as freedom of expression, aff.

Abused expression, it there's one. Corporate donations untrammeled in the name of same in the US.

@randomgeek @GeoffWozniak @rgx But, you do you :-) Just because I'm less social than most doesn't mean my choices work for everyone else!

@yojimbo @randomgeek @rgx Similar here. I have a Twitter account and this, and that's all. I don't link them. I use other methods to stay in touch, mostly email.

I am the outlier in my group, but I haven't lost touch with those that matter, and that's the important part.

@GeoffWozniak @yojimbo @rgx the folks who really really know me track me by my site, which has outlived a few favorite social networks so far.


I do like that Crossposter and use it, as well as the one.

Reason - the admin of the Brazilian instance doesn't allow my Qoto account to access the crossposter (instance blocked), although it works fine with my other account (Todon).

Moa is agnostic and doesn't care, A bit more terse, but it works. Crossposter is more elegant in it's user interface and the finished output too.

@yojimbo @GeoffWozniak

@randomgeek @GeoffWozniak The Quoted block on Geoff's post was magnificent.

Just like on my blog posts. Woot!

I asked Nolan if Pinafore would support rich Text and MarkDown, and he said it would display whatever the instance passed down to it. The same post looks rich here in GlitchSoc, and barren in Masto with all the niceties stripped out. :blobsadeyes:

Yeah, bulleted lists are perfect, easy, no brainer. The text format I got to recall which works; suggestion - prepare a text as DM to yourself at another instance, then Delete/Redraft until it's perfect, then post public in that moment.

@rgx @GeoffWozniak Oh goodness. I assumed that was standard across instances. I killed my .social account a while back. Maybe I should create a new one just to see what a vanilla instance looks like.


No, Mastodon standard does not support it -- only GlitchSoc does and even there it's optional, needs to be enabled in Preferences.

The difference in the resulting post looks is pretty shocking, once you have seen a nicer one.


@randomgeek jsut look at the top screenshots, of the same post, done here, with rich format.

And as seen at Mastodon.

@randomgeek @GeoffWozniak I used that method to prepare my #wishlist post, and took quite a few delete/redrafts to get format cleaned out.

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