We have a Toyota now that we have been very happy with. With Toyota's stance here, whenever we need a new car, I can't see it being a Toyota.

@GeoffWozniak They fear change...

change means competition.

they are anti-capitalist?

I mean competition is ALWAYS welcome, right?

lazy giants.

@thegibson It's quite clearly a hypocracy when you're a big and rich company.

@thegibson @GeoffWozniak

US Government when Disney makes all the TV and movies, Facebook controls social media, Amazon kills retail competition, Alphabet/Google take over and mostly ruin the internet: "We cannot interfere! It would destroy innovation!"

US Government when VW, Ford, Honda and BMW negotiate an emissions deal directly with California: "COLLUSION! We must s" STEP IN and BUST THIS TRUST to PROTECT COMPETITION!"


@GeoffWozniak ugh. Looks like we won't be replacing our fiat with another fiat either.

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