Ordered an Ergodox EZ and a Kensington Expert Mouse 'cuz gosh darnit, I like me.

I'm going to get an Ergodox or Atreus kit sometime later. I want to make another keyboard, but I don't want to rely on my making one if I don't have to.

@thegibson I will let you know.

I will say that the support team already got back to me telling me how I can get a refund on some of the taxes for shipping that end up getting applied twice somehow. It may be a Canadian thing, though.

Still, awfully nice of them to get in touch as soon as I ordered it.

The company seems like a good company. The price is probably worth it.

@thegibson Follow up: yes, it's a Canadian thing. The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) gets applied for the sale and the entry into the country. They're refunding me one of them.

@GeoffWozniak They reached out to me when I put one in my cart and then didn't order. :)

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