I live in an old apartment with no air conditioning. I also live in the Toronto area. The summers can be humid and uncomfortable. I'm content without AC. Lower ceilings and ceiling fans work very well.

When I do have AC (say, in hotel rooms where open windows are rarely an option), I tend to keep it at high temperature. It boggles my mind when I walk into a place and it's actually cold in the summer.

@GeoffWozniak I went to a conference at Tucson, Arizona in June. I stayed at the hotel where the conference was at. I brought only shorts and t-shirts. I had a great time. However, I WAS FUCKING FREEZING THE WHOLE TIME.
While it was 100F outside, they had to pump in sub-arctic temperatures to keep the inside a reasonable temperature. So, I would be in a lecture hall. trapped under a vent. which was one step from pumping in snow and shaking sleigh bells.

@Agrippa I was in Phoenix last year for a conference in August. The AC was so cold I couldn't wear shorts. I literally went outside for relief. It was 40C/100F out and it was lovely.

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