Thank you, gpg-agent and pinentry, for making me hate computers even more.

@GeoffWozniak I had this fun problem a ways back where pinentry was detecting a need to do a console based login (despite being in X) and was trying to dump it to the x11 error output buffer. Best Software Ever.

@sungo This appears to be by design. If you tell gpg-agent the pinentry program is the GUI one, if you have to enter a passphrase, the dialog pops up on the X display.

Basically, gpg-agent forces you to pick one style of entry and use it for its program lifetime.

Gee, thanks.

For my home server (that I can't reach from the outside world), I think I'll just set the TTL to be 2^32 and enter my passphrase whenever I reboot the machine.

@sungo Let's not forget the fact that if you use pinentry-tty and you kill it, your terminal is basically fucked. Even 'stty sane' doesn't save you. (At least, it never has for me!)

@GeoffWozniak Yup. it also does a beautiful thing sometimes where it conflicts with screen or tmux and takes over the wrong window. So I'm digging around trying to find which friggin window is co-opted.

@sungo OMG I forgot about that.

I swear it detects tmux and says, "This isn't GNU software, so suck it."

@GeoffWozniak Yeah, I hate gpg-agent too. Remembering passphrases isn't as hard as trying to get pinentry to work through multiple forwards ...

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