I maintain that GNU Info is one of the worst documentation systems in use. Navigation is a mess and the search sucks. Using 'less' on a huge text file would be better.

I'd rather all of Emacs' docs be in HTML and browsed with 'eww'.

@GeoffWozniak I'd rather read documentation in a word document off a hard drive platter with an electron microscope than use GNU Info

@sungo There's nothing worse on a terminal. If I see a man page that says "Use 'info <command>'" then I know it's time for a web search.

It's barely usable in Emacs.

@GeoffWozniak If an app's man page says "Use gnu info", I almost always try to find a different app. They're either license cultists or trying to hide a lack of documentation.

@sungo What, you don't want to read the story of the copyleft license before getting to the history of the project and goofy, "I swear it's funny" quips and then having to scroll through each node to figure out what options the damn command supports?

You, sir, are so fussy!

@GeoffWozniak If I can't change apps, I just act like there are no docs and go source diving. The code is always awful but I can trust it more than those docs.

@sungo @GeoffWozniak Actially nobody is trying to /hide/ a lack of documentation. Hear the enlightened voice of the great GNU itself:

@dah @sungo "The time you spend on the man page is time taken away from more useful work."

Like working with autoconf!

@yojimbo @GeoffWozniak I look forward to putting Word95 files on that in a directory named "ZIP drive backup"

@GeoffWozniak there's a viewer program called "pinfo" that sucks mildly less than GNU Info, but not much

@GeoffWozniak Isn't searching quite nice, since you can search over multiple pages?

@zge You'd think so, but in practice it's maddening.

The main problem is that it will suddenly transport you into a new node and you may not even realize it. Info presents itself as a page-based system, but navigates like a continuous stream. Therein lies it's fatal flaw.

Additionally, it presents itself as reference documentation but is almost always written as a tutorial.

@GeoffWozniak I get the first point, but the second one is a matter of convention, not strictly technical, or am I mistaken?

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