zathura or evince?

I've been using zathura for a while, but it doesn't redraw on a window resize, which is kind of a pain.

@GeoffWozniak On the plus side, Evince has swipe gestures (which is nice on 2-in-1s, etc.).

On the down side, I've never been able to figure out how to make the application background color black (which is nice on said 2-in-1s).

@necopinus I'm using this on a desktop only.

Still, sounds like Evince might be winner here. I also found that cut and paste works as expected, although it renders is pretty bad when I highlight text.

@GeoffWozniak Evince is certainly more feature-complete, I'd say. It has much better support for annotations, and a much better copy/paste UI.

Zathura doesn't have as many dependencies, feels snappier, and has pluggable rendering backends, which may be relevant if you're low on resources.

I use Evince for my day-to-day stuff.

@nikola There's an "evince-lite" package in FreeBSD that gets rid of all the GNOME stuff and seems to do everything quite well. Speed seems pretty good so far, too.

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