DNS woes today. I'm hoping they're over now.

@thegibson @GeoffWozniak check dns, resolves? Ignore dns. Doesn't, it's dns problem (which could be many problems but at least you know name doesn't resolve) .

Move application to utilize ip.
Check if works (likely does)

Engage dns owner and probably vendor.

Wait on hold for 16 hours cause vendor of dns is microsoft... errr wait I said that out loud...

@GeoffWozniak @thegibson Google domains is probably the most reliable, but we all know why that is...

@seven ISP's DNS servers were failing a lot today. It's still unclear if it's fixed. It's working -- for the time being.

@GeoffWozniak Selfhost dns, or use a cdn... Both better than provider no matter who they are.

@seven Networking and network services are one of those things I know about but don't *know*. Setting up DNS feels like something I could screw up badly right now.

The DNS servers are setup through my DSL modem, which I prefer not to futz with. That said, I've been thinking about getting my own.

If I ever get a sabbatical from work, I may spend some time on these things.

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