Something I've been raising in discussions lately: name some songs you never have to hear again.

They shouldn't be bad songs. They can be one-hit wonders. Stuff like shitty B-sides don't count.


Summer of '69, by Bryan Adams. I don't even hate it. It's just been so overplayed I can't stand to hear it anymore.

Also, if I never hear any classic rock again for as long as I live, I will not be worse off.


Oasis - Wonderwall

I hated it then, and I still hate it...



I can't stand them... it's big of enough of a problem that the kids know to use it against me.

@GeoffWozniak But the opening chord of Wonderwall is enough to ruin my next 30 minutes.

@thegibson Congratulations, you put their whiny chorus into my head.

I must go watch some movie now.


I’ve been on a weird hair metal kick lately. I think it’s due to a mood shift.

I think I’m getting happy.

@thegibson I still remember my mom buying me a Warrant cassette. That was weird.

@thegibson I watched the Black Mirror episode with the Head Like a Hole rendition. All is well now.

@thegibson Worried about one thing: that all the stuff that happened before will be conveniently ignored.

@GeoffWozniak a few off the top of my head: Dust in the Wind. Candle in the Wind. Wind Beneath My Wings.

It seems I'm over wind.

@robey Good lord, I forgot about him.

I don't need to hear his stuff again, but it doesn't get to me like that Bryan Adams song.

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