Some rather lame pics of Jupiter. It was a lot more impressive through the eyepiece than this.

You can barely make out a couple of moons. The phone camera was not fast enough to take a picture and avoid the blurriness.


I took a passable photo of the moon at First Quarter once using my old Samsung Galaxy S5 and a 130mm Newtonian.

@remotenemesis Nice!

We went to take a picture of the moon but the phone died. It didn't charge fast enough from the battery I had, so we didn't get a picture.

@remotenemesis My wife is more into the photos right now than I am. I want to get more proficient with just observing before getting too far into the camera thing.

@remotenemesis OMG yes. I've done a little research and it's insane what lengths people will go to.

I'm pretty sure I can stop myself from going too far (I get a lot of joy just from looking in an eyepiece for a while), but I have a feeling my wife is going to be less restrained. ;)

@GeoffWozniak I'd love to hear about your experiences. I've been wanting to get my humble scope out some more. Going to try to catch Jupiter later in the week if the air is less thick.

@remotenemesis I'll keep sharing. I forgot how much I enjoy backyard astronomy.

@GeoffWozniak I've only done a little of that, but you need a long exposure to match what the eye sees, and then it's blurred by rotation.

@mdhughes This was just an iPhone 6 mounted over the eyepiece. I did not expect great results.

I have a DSLR that I'm going to be working with next. But I'm first going to re-learn basic observing.

@mdhughes I didn't properly polar align the mount, but it didn't matter since I was looking at pretty bright things.

I have a GOTO mount for tracking when I get to that point.

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