For fun I generated a long random password for my mother's maiden name. If I ever have to call them, it'll be entertaining.

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@GeoffWozniak I actually always generate random passwords for security questions these days.

I limit the complexity a bit so that they are easier to read over the phone if necessary... But then I increase the length considerably to try to gain back some of the entropy I'm loosing.

@necopinus Yeah, I've been doing that for a while too. But I went the extra distance on this one, although I did limit the long random password to use only letters. You can actually kind of read it.

@GeoffWozniak I've run into a couple of sites (though I'm forgetting which right now) with "hidden" password length limit. So you put in, say, a 16 or 24 character password, and it silently truncates it to something like 12 characters.

Those are REALLY annoying.

Though Chrome OS PIN unlock is actually the worst. The set up lets you put in any length of PIN, but if you put in anything longer than 10 digits the device won't accept it. It's not truncating your PIN either, because if you just type in the first 10 characters of a 12 character PIN, it STILL won't unlock.

Took me a while to figure out what was going on there.

@necopinus I've run into the password truncation thing a couple of times. Frustrating. One time I even looked at the Javascript to find the limit.

That Chrome OS PIN sounds like a real pain. :/

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