I know sports isn't really thing around here, but if the Raptors win the title, it will be one helluva party in the Toronto area.

There are public viewing parties all over the place.


NBA are a bunch of showboats.

But I hope for Canada's sake that they win.

@thegibson I'm not much of a basketball fan, and I'm told college ball is better. But good lord, Toronto hasn't won a major sports championship in a long time (Jays, 1993) and they really want it.

Also, it'll make the Leafs look ridiculous. :D


where I am in the states, we have a distinct lack of major league teams of any sort... because NCAA sports have dominated here.

particularly college BB.

We refer to Rupp Arena as the Catican...

It's a state religion basically.

@thegibson It's so totally different in Canada. Our university level athletics is basically ignored. The only people going to high school games are parents.

We have our own football league which is quirky and only really big out west.

Pro hockey and in recent years, the Raptors, and to some extent the Blue Jays, utterly dominate.

@thegibson :D

It really is a thing here.

The country literally stops working during winter Olympic gold medal games.


Here in Louisville we have been gifted a pretty awesome Soccer team... Louisville FC...

We have a really good vibe around that team... and most US cities have nothing in the way of it...

Hockey... in the American south... well, that's an alien belief system.

@thegibson Nashville!

Toronto FC is pretty popular around here. You don't have the buzz about it like BB and hockey though.

Pretty much everyone in Canada likes soccer, but it hasn't hit the "love" level yet.

@GeoffWozniak Nashville?

oh no... we are the lesser known Louisville...

We don't really DO country music here.

@GeoffWozniak Everybody assumes we would do Baseball here... but we just make the bats.

Good news is they probably can't migrate here before winter, and won't survive that. But you lot are doomed.

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