"Rising energy consumption is crucial to raising the standard of living for more people, but “We will run out of energy,” Mr. Bezos said. “This is just arithmetic. It’s going to happen.”"


@GeoffWozniak I've no idea what's going into his math, 'cause (in addition to the sun) we've got lots of U-235—hopefully enough to keep us going long enough to figure out fusion (or build a Dyson swarm)... while O'Niell cylinders don't have anything you don't put into them.

I do think O'Niell cylinders are a good idea, and a more practical colonization target than Mars as far as habitat goes—but why not both?

Finally, if he wants to pave the way to space he should be putting his resources into a Lofstrom loop or similar:


That's why we should contain the human population on hearth

We can't support a decent life level to too many people

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