Is it possible to buy albums from well-known artists online from something other than Apple and Amazon?

I'm looking to buy some digital versions of albums I owned on cassette ages ago. Am I stuck using iTunes?

@GeoffWozniak Some are on Soundcloud or Bandcamp, or their own band page. The other option is these coaster-like things called "CDs" which many stores sell. Turns out with a special device you can extract lossless music from them. Who knew?!

@mdhughes The band sites I've visited all link to iTunes/Apple Music when I go to their stores.

I'm content buying CDs, I just don't know what sites sell them.

@GeoffWozniak Amazon. And they'll give you mp3 downloads when you buy most albums. There's probably other record stores left somewhere.

@mdhughes I'm explicitly trying to avoid Amazon, unfortunately.

I guess I'll hit up local music stores.

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