I've had a copy of this for years and have never gone looking for an online copy. Turns out I cannot find one anywhere. Bitsavers doesn't seem to have it, nor does If anyone knows of an online copy, please let me know.

It's labelled as RRU 21on the spine and back cover. Copyright 1957 Sperry Rand Corporation.

@endomain I might be able to setup something to take hi-res pics of the pages. I have decent cameras. I don't know if I have decent lighting.

I'll definitely be looking into this. I'm surprised there is no copy yet. And I've only found one reference to this book even existing.

@GeoffWozniak @endomain Ask where to send it or how to scan it (at least use a printer/scanner, not cameras!), that looks interesting.

@mdhughes @endomain @GeoffWozniak yeah, I’m pretty sure Jason Scott would like to get his hands on this :)

@endomain I admit that I'm a little surprised there isn't a copy.

A lot of old tech manuals are certainly obscure and it's not surprising that there is no digitial evidence of them.

This book, though, is more book than manual. The pages are glossy and uses colour liberally. It even uses colour in some of the code listings. In short, it's a pretty nice book. I expect I'll learn a lot about programming on the UNIVAC once I read it.

You can probably get a copy by getting your local and/or university library to request it through inter-library loan.

@pizza_pal @GeoffWozniak Oh wait, looked at the original question, haha. Still, maybe ask one of the libraries on the worldcat page to digitize it? They might do it for you.

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