Put on the "to read" list because I can't tell if it's insane or not just yet.

"Cybersecurity is not very important"

@GeoffWozniak The abstract alone makes me want to set things on fire

@thegibson Too tired to read it now. Off to bed. May be my morning rage juice.

@thegibson @GeoffWozniak

I am gonna get some scotch and done in. Goodbye forever I guess.

@thegibson @endomain I wonder if the author will claim it's satire after a while.

@GeoffWozniak 5 minute skim - it's mostly arguments from ignorance and personal incredulity.

"Worse things happen at sea" therefore, don't bother fixing anything.

He's right that some people overemphasise security risks - these are called "vendors" and you're not supposed to believe anything they say anyway.

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