Does anyone know what "stripping HTTPS" means in the context of cleaning up text from a webpage? Has anyone ever even heard of it?

@GeoffWozniak I've heard it in the context of "remove all use of HTTPS from our site because we're getting mixed use warnings"

@sungo That's about the only context I've ever heard it used. In other words, nothing to do with content directly.

@SetecAstronomy @sungo Plausible, although very weird for the exact context in which this was mentioned (which I cannot provide, unfortunately).

@GeoffWozniak if you can check the diff, smells like maybe they mean they removed https from links - so its now just http.

@chuck Could be. I mean, it makes sense, but the exact situation it's mentioned in doesn't seem to fit. (You can't know that, though, since I can't share it.)

@GeoffWozniak ah, well good luck on the mystery! Do let us know if you find out though, I enjoy a good resolution

@chuck I have a feeling it's someone over-specifying the situation. As in, it's an internal implementation detail that is actually irrelevant to understanding the overall goal.

But instead of fretting over it for too long, I'll just ask when the time comes. :)

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