How does PledgeMusic manage to fail to pay artists? Oh, I bet they probably felt they had to grow to some ridiculous size for some silly reason and spent the money people pledged to "grow the business" instead of do what they business states they do.

(Btw, I've seen Dayna play with Trent Severn and she's great.)

Have you seen Patraen is looking to find new revenue streams because it's not sustainable? But if my math is correct (probably isn't) they should be pulling in around $25mil/year just for themselves, how much money does it take to run???

@orbitz Yeah, I saw that. Incredibly disheartening. "Growth at all costs" is such a terrible mentality. What's wrong with a decent, sustainable business that doesn't need to expand too much, at least right away? What's wrong with a "mom-and-pop" Internet store?

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