Here's what I would love from Mastodon/Fediverse: by default, posts are deleted after a reasonably short period of time, say 3 weeks.

I see this is a ephemeral conversation mechanism, not a storage mechanism. I don't dig through history and the interface doesn't seem to encourage that either. If you miss something, so be it. And if you want to preserve everything, well, I'm sure there would be the option.

@GeoffWozniak Not everyone shares that view, and silent self-destruction should never be a default. My archive is searchable enough, and I hashtag things for that purpose.

@GeoffWozniak I think you can accomplish that with a plugin some people on the fediverse made!

@GeoffWozniak No, you just have to give it permissions in the Mastodon settings panel. I forgot what the plugin was called though.

@aadilayub If it's not installed on the server then I guess I'm confused how such a plugin works.

I assume a "plugin" means a small, dependent extension to existing software. What software would I have to add it to in order to for this to work?

I found an issue opened to implement auto-delete, and there is a link to a something called "MastoPurge" which deletes old posts. It's a separate app, though, not a plugin.

@GeoffWozniak @aadilayub there's also something like forget coddl or something... Another app.

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