looking for archival data

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I've been reading back issues of 2600. Among other things, I've been informed 1991 is unavailable, and coverage of 1992 is spotty.

I have been reading up archival data on hackers, hacking, and the scene pertinent to the era of 1985 to 1991.

The issues I have from 1992 and 1993 are amazing, but in autumn 1993. There is an archival project from LOD:

"Hack/Phreak BBS Message Base Project"

An archival of 1980s BBSs. Would any of you fine gentlemen know where I could obtain a copy. Seems of interest for historical research

@snowchyld @Rob_T_Firefly @seuss

The article mentioned there was both physical and digital copies.

I fathom the physical copy would make one hell of a collectors item, but I am just interested in reading it.

I'd ask Jason Scott, but he blocked me on birdshit over an argument on https.

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