US Pol - Rant

Hey look, when we went to the moon the first time, we knew the names, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Mike Collins as the guys who landed on the moon.

Looking Back, we also saw Magret Hamilton who wrote the software. Penciled back into their rightful place in history are also remembered Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughn.

Between the lot of them, ALL of them where some combination of mathematicians, engineers, fighter pilots, and all around hard nosed doers.

These are the people who got credit for all the hard work they did.

The Saturn-V rocket was made by Boeing, Douglas(later became McDonald-Douglas), and North American Aircraft corp. Engines where made by Rocketdyne. The Lunar module was made by Grumman(later becoming Northrop Grumman), and the command module again North American Aircraft.

To date, the names of the CEO or any other corporate officer at the time was not recorded, or known to history. They were not included in the story. None of them went on TV to promote the moon landing/launch. This is because they are not important to this narrative. History did not record the name of any influences, or celebrities promoting the event.

As it should be.

So, when I say fuck Elon Musk, and fuck everyone who's trying to tell me he contributes to STEM, or space. Fuck no. He owns a fucking company. He does not design rockets, and does NOT do science.

Who actually makes the rockets?
Who are today's astronauts?
Nobody Cares.

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