NFTs are just taking previously made computer art that could be distributed for free and adding arbitrary value via artificial scarcity by adding DRM to them.

It exists to make the internet more like the regular art scene. Culture that is gatekeeped by a handful of "in the know" wealthy people, where the entire point is to show off your status in the hierarchy by displaying entirely arbitrary knowledge of esoteric subjects, and posession of artifacts which are valuable soley by how unobtainable they are.

The whole concept is beyond fucking stupid. We don't need this shit on the internet.

@GI_Jack The more stupid it is, the more likely it is to happen. :(


The situation is really more nuanced than this. While I hate DRM and am working on a Free Culture project, there is a place in the digital world for the idea of ownership or scarcity, and it's even possible to have it *with Free Software and Free Culture*, but what we have seen isn't it, and I'm afraid the pot has been largely spoiled now because of these developments.

@maricn @GI_Jack

Let's imagine you host some kind of physical board game at your home. Maybe the game uses cards or tokens.

Perhaps it's possible to reproduce the items from the game. Maybe the game is actually released as CC-BY-SA, and copying game items is encouraged!

But you still need a way to represent what is a legit item in the game from one someone made at home and brought with them.

@emacsen @maricn

NFTs aren't being used for scorekeeping in games dude. lol

@emacsen @maricn @GI_Jack Was brainstorming what NFTs might actually be good for, and "a federated RPG game where players/items move between servers with custom community created campaigns" was the best case we came up with.

Players couldn't fake stats or create items, but admins could, but servers could disable items originating from the 'afkloot420' server if they wanted. Think second life, but as zaney or "pure-diablo clone" as you want it to be.

@GI_Jack Unfortunately no, this was a pure-bullshit session about game development and NFTs. But it is a good example of artificial scarcity being a positive thing, depending on who it enables to control what.

But I'm pretty skeptical of NFTs as they're being discussed.


Artificial scarcity is not a good thing. Its means of control by abusive authorities.

When we talk about games and simulations this is a whole different conversation.


How so? you take a JPG, or a movie that can be copied unlimited times with unlimited distribution, and stick it in a system that arbitrarily limits its distribution to make it more valuable because its more scarce.

That is legitimately artificial scarcity. Not propped up by the state mind you, but propped up by distributed electronic means.

Like traditional art, the main draw are rich people who want to purchase not art, but exclusivity by denying resources to other people.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the actual content is just as duplicatable as any other digital work, right? The copy isn't "authentic", but for all real life purposes it's exactly the same, except in this case someone pays the artist a more.

Not defending NFTs, I don't think they're a good thing, but I also don't think the artificial scarcity thing is really a problem because the scarcity is factually false, unless I'm misunderstanding something?


At the core of NFTs they are just digital media hosted on a CDN. Then you put DRM on it to make it exclusive. You can dress this up in more fancy terms, but this is all this is.

@GI_Jack so NFTs are just people gatekeeping art culture? Yeah I can believe that

Furry stuff, nsfw 

@GI_Jack that assumed that normies would accept furry gay porn as a piece of art or esoteric memes as good as van gogh pieces
As long as we as a culture evolve to shock, offend and embarrass normies they will never have the power to gate keep us

@GI_Jack It's more stupid than that. NFTs don't even add DRM. You can just go to the website where they are sold and download them. For free!
The same pieces of 'art' (and I know there's good art out there being sold as NFTs, but a lot of it is crap) that are being sold for millions of dollars. It's a total scam.

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