Sites that require google authenticator for 2fa really rub me the wrong way. Like, which angel on my shoulder do I listen to? The one telling me to use 2fa? The one telling me not to give Google products this much importance in my personal security?



@NOCARRIER Just to note: Google Authenticator is just a TOTP standard app. There are a dozen Free ones. Everything I list is available in F-Droid. All %100 compatible.

andOTP, FreeOTP(Made by Red Hat for FreeIPA), FreeOTP+(community fork with moar features), Aegis. OTP Authenitcator.

Recommend checking out Aegis and andOTP with a lot of additional features and great UI/UX improvements.

@NOCARRIER @GI_Jack If you use the Unix pass tool, you can also look at pass-otp.

@jeffalyanak @NOCARRIER Also note that KeePassXC has a compatible TOTP tool as well.

However it somewhat defeats the point if you keep your TOTP data on the same machine you are using to store/type passwords.

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