S07e04 - Take me out to the holosuite.

Ahh, star trek and baseball. And did pretty well.

favorite childhood memory is of not having all my personal information leaked by a corporation that used to own a company that I bought socks from 6 years ago


Joe Biden - Abraham Lincoln over here is the most racist person in the room.

star trek: DS9

S06 E18 and E19, Inquisition and in the pale moon light.

Probably two epsiodes that I remember. This makes DS9 what it is.

What I really don't get is Sisko's moralist handwringing about a dead romulan senator and a scumbag who couldn't make it 24 hours on the station without stabbing the bartender.

Get my rocks off

Because with all the depressing shit, you just need a party song.

docker sucks

docker fucking sucks. it is an unruly mess of jank that likely seemed like a good idea at the time.

trying to get anything done is a royal pain in the ass


Nine Inch Nails - Everyday is Exactly the Same is hitting me really hard right now


Today I found /r/anime_titties

True to reddit form there are no japaneese sketched bosums, but better news source.

literal quote:

Note to the reader: "Women's lib" was a form of mass psychosis which broke out during the last three decades of the Old Era. Women affected by it denied their femininity and insisted that they were "people," not "women." This aberration was promoted and encouraged by the System as a means of dividing our race against itself.)

Note: Not even people...


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They constantly bitch about the "arrests" that marvelously still work within a strong rule of law context.

As much as they decry this as "soviet", people suspected of belonging to their organization not charged with a crime are let go.

Not thrown in a labor camp or shot.

The Jews in their story don't as much as resist. They are all also clearly violating the law and on the offensive from day one.

They couldn't even conjure up fighting against an actual brutal dictatorship, be it Black Nationalist, or even Eastern Bloc or Authoritarian Communist.

In fact most of their revolution works essentially because there is no real resistance because they are fighting against a beurocratic liberal system that doesn't respond to their force in kind.

So despite the paranoia of being watched on the phone and all their data being monitored, the worst that they can even come up with is being arrested, and let go in 3 days or a week, because "they can't pin something on them". All of the computerized monitoring systems seem to work without fail, but they are installed by corrupt lazy officials that seemingly can't get anything else right and easily accept bribes. But for some reason the computer operators don't take them.

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Turner Diaries update

I think the worst part is the author can't decide if FBI are incompetent nincompoops now that J Edgar hoover is gone, or some super efficiency Soviet-esque torture machine.

Some he also misses the irony of using "racists" "racist conspiracy" as if there was any doubt, when he describes an aggressive, violent racist conspiracy.

Not even in the most wild white supremacist victim fantasies are they ever described as less violent or aggressive their their supposed aggressors.

Reading Turner Diaries

Because its a fascist favorite, thought it'd go through it looking for shibs, dogwhistles, and actually figure out what is compelling about it.

As expected, its just a string of cliches and red dawn fantasies. Pretty on the nose, and not so subtle. Add in the victim complex.

It makes no attempt to be poetic, but I guess when you are doing propaganda, what is now known as "Wikipedia simple english" is great for accessibility, and this is more propaganda than thriller.

Another interesting note is that it follows the life of a private in their would be army "the order", but it was written by its general, the leader of the movement.

A man who would be oh-so happy at the sacrifices of others for his militant dictatorship.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The more I watch, the more I've come to the conclusion, the Cardassians are space British.


Goddamn it Joe Biden

Speak the fuck up, and be a little more assertive. This guy isn't here to use facts. He's here to shout over you.

Throw it in his face.


I don't understand why people say we need people who majored in humanities to teach STEM ethics, when the biggest ethics lapse in STEM is working with advertisers who graduated those exact programs.

Flying Amazon Ring:

If Amazon Ring wasn't already nightmarishly invasive already.

It knows all your secrets, all your fears, the best ways to blackmail you, to control you, to bribe you, to lie to you. To manipulate you.

Now you have one following you around:

DC28 soundtrack is badass

I think we can say it. The "Hackers" movie had a badass sountrack. But IRL hackers have even better soundtracks.

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