Bold words from a bold man, who Ended the system of Chattel Slavery in the US, and paid for it with his life.

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Before I got this electric long-board, I used to work a shift I got back to NJ after the busses stopped running, and I walked home.

Every night, I'd walk past this statue of Lincoln. With a solemn look.

To the side there was an inscription
"Let us Have Faith That Right Makes Might, And In That Faith Let Us To The End Dare To Do Our Duty As We Understand it"

Man, I miss Hunter S. Thompson at times like this.

American policing is rooted in "Slave Patrols" - literally vigilante forces whose job was to return Africans who'd escaped enslavement to the monsters who'd enslaved them.

It's conceivable that an institution could overcome roots as blighted as this, but that is a huge, deliberate undertaking. It's not something that happens automatically if you ignore it long enough.


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So, has anyone done AI driven speech synthesis? Or every anything that is FOSS, runs locally and better than espeak which is using 20 years ago tech.

Looking at "Deep Speech"


Lets be real frank about this right here. Despite the fact that many of these people might have been angst fueled blackhats in their teens, 30-40 years ago, lets be real frank that most of them, at least in their day job work for either the government, contractors or corporate IN A SECURITY ROLE.

Life moved on. Ye olde hacker scene is gone. This is infosec, and its an industry.

I'll also state right now. I'm not looking for that old scene back. I don't care. I also don't care to pick through the realities of it as well. Nor am I an anti-government insurgent. Nor am I even the slightest mad that most of 'em where smart enough to cash out there chips while they were ahead before rules started being implemented on the internet.

But really. Who's kidding who with "anti-government" or "fighting against what system". You are the system.

Does anyone else here really hate 1990s nostalgia? I mean really fucking hate it. Like rage/vomit inducing horror.

Its not only are they nostalgic for the most bland tame, worstest low quality crap, but its almost always the most disgusting consumerist commercialist crap:

Oh, I hated this shit first time around, but knew it would end eventually. This won't. Fuck it. Fuck it all. Couldn't even bring back any of the cool shit from the 90s.

Why does darktable suck this bad?

I mean, gimp might have its faults, but its reliable.

"that's what she said" is officially retired as a joke.

It was never actually funny. It was only funny because of how annoying/obnoxious it was and you laughed at everyone around you getting annoyed.

In the general effort of the 2020s to "knock off all that 2000 and 2010 dumb shit" and ironic brain damage that became actual brain damage the joke has now been put to a halt.

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