We'll meet again

This song sends chills down my spine every time I've hear it. It will always remind me of the ending of Dr Strangelove when the bomb goes off.

Star Trek

I just mentioned that DS9 was better than TNG on reddit and it blew up.

Also people are mad at that Picard show for finally coming to grips with the federation being fascist.

Test-proctoring software worsens systemic bias: Also pedagogically bankrupt and run by corrupt, petty shitheads.



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punk rock

So I stepped away from punk rock, lotta reasons.

1. Signal to noise ratio got too extreme. There is no amount of word games that is going to turn Green Day, Nirvana, Blink 182, or even anti-flag into legit punk bands.

2. Its not relevant anymore, at least not to me. The internet has made punk rock, and every other 20th century subculture irrelevant. There are about a dozen reasons for this. There are two groups: Bitter old fogies hanging on and re-living memories.

Hipsters. Then the hipster effect where they kinda re-write history so that only hipsters made every trend there was. Not true, but they got the platform.

3. Just personally moved on, so has everyone I knew that was into punk mostly.


In case anyone forgets that these people are creeps spying on you,

exploiting you.

brainwashing you.

The mainstay of online advertising is "behavioral advertising" in which ads are placed based on dossiers of your activity and preferences that have been compiled by Big Tech giants and shadowy data-brokers.

The cornerstone of behavioral advertising is "real-time auctions": when you request a web-page, its publisher fetches your cookie, correlates that with your identity in multiple databases, then offers the chance to advertise to you to several (dozens, sometimes more) brokers.

"What's the use of a good quotation if you can't change it?"
-- The Doctor

Linux Thread

Greatest hack ever is putting fortune in either .profile or .bashrc

every time you open a terminal you get some words of wisdom from hackers past.

The default Magic Word, "Abracadabra", actually is a corruption of the
Hebrew phrase "ha-Bracha dab'ra" which means "pronounce the blessing".

Star Trek: DS9

Got to Bar Association. S04e15

the episode where Quark's bar is unionizing.

Nothing in STEAM should ever be defined by the "industry"

not the tech
not which people are in important
not the collective memory
not the culture
not the values

in any type of STEAM hobby, industry, collective, group, piece of tech, community, by rule should EVER be decided by:

PR Goons,

Between two groups:
The people who do/make them, the people who consume/participate them. With an ideal scene being less of a distinction and just "participants"

Everyone else is just there to support this.

Meyers-briggs is horoscopes for people who think horoscopes aren't pseudo-intellectual enough.

Why is it a light client if its over 250 MB
$ pacman -Qi zecwallet-lite
Name : zecwallet-lite
Installed Size : 251.30 MiB

Computing, distributed/centralized fusion model.

I've found the best model that combines best of both worlds for distributing large datasets is a torrent with a web seed. The webseed is behind a CDN and resides in an offbrand S3-style bucket(not amazon)

This is how Ninja OS is distributed. It solves all weaknesses with both centralized and decentralized downloads.

There is a webseed so it is always available. It leverages a CDN with endpoints around the world, with a near exhaustive capacity and resistance against DDoS.

At the same token, it utilizies the peer to peer nature of a torrent to share bandwith in case of a large spike in downloads of a multiGB size file, and circumvents censorship if the webseed is blocked for some users. The users who quickly download the file based on the website, help the other users download.

compiling mingw-w64 for Ninja OS.

Hot shit. looks like I think i686 finally hit the end of the rope, either that or maintain a PAE enabled kernel for the compile box for i686.

maintaining the kernel is quite a bit of work. building one for distribution is one thing. Building another one just for tooling is another. Especially if its ontop of maintaining another kernel.

Does anyone still need i686. Download statistics say its rarely used.

I am watching ST: DS9, go to paradise lost. They are starting to peel back the notion that Earth is a conflict free paradise.

You can see Sisko being shaken again and again, where he finds that Starfleet is shades of gray and the Federation's motives are not pure and starfleet's sanctimonious moralism is nothing but a pretext for expansionism.

You can watch Sisko slowly start to confront the reality and lose his damn fucking mind is what makes this series so great.

Picard was a pompus aristocratic ass, and your typical bougie liberal that could look the other way as being layers of buerocracy separate him from the fascism.

If you promise to stay alive just a bit longer then I promise that we will make this world a place worth living in by any means necessary. I ain't giving up. I swear.

As the US Congress showed us yesterday, we're at a turning point with our relationship to Big Tech. Smaller tech companies are experiencing a mass die-off thanks to covid, and Big Tech has huge war-chests it can use to snap them up.

When these US giants buy all their nascent competitors, they will present themselves as rescuers, saviors of businesses drowning in debt. But unless we intervene, they will emerge from the crisis with levels of dominance we can hardly dream of.


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