Bagel with Sausage Egg and Cheese

LA vs New Jersey.

The left is from Jersey City, NJ, the left is from Los Angeles, CA.

See the difference?

⚠️ Important news

There's a new @fdroidorg app called #AirGuard protecting you from being tracked by AirTags.

It scans your surroundings for devices that someone might have put into your pocket to track you via #Apple's #FindMy surveillance network and alerts you if a device is following you.

Download it here: 🔗

Reminder that the police knows to watch lockscreen notifications and is known to use that to note down names, data etc. from all your friends writing you on those fancy encrypted activist apps.

Turn off all lockscreen notifications :)

📺 Streaming TONIGHT at 5 PM Pacific! Join EFF's 30th annual Pioneer Award Ceremony celebrating tech freedom leaders Kade Crockford, Pam Dixon, and Matt Mitchell. And don't miss special guest speakers Annalee Newitz and Charlie Jane Anders!

Join us today at Apple's Union Square store! We'll have banners, merch, and plenty of chants to tell Apple: Don't Scan Our Phones!

EFF's @cmcsherr on the influence of the war on terror on internet governance: "It's important we do not organize our internet policy out of fear of a relatively small group of people. Let's organize it around the interests of the 99% - the rest of us."


Facebook's new glasses continue facebook's long standing trend of normalizing creepy behavior.

These are literally the same kinda glasses creeps and perverts been using for years, now with name brand on them, and backed by facebook.

Story of Truecrypt

If you remember last decade, you probably remember an enigmatic disk encryption utility Truecrypt. Some strange design choices, an eventual Linux port, a wealth of unheard of features and rather paranoid design features, as well as an unusual license that didn't play nice with Free software norms.

Its developers remained pseudonymous, something not so unusual back then, and didn't interact much except developing Truecrypt.

And then one day the music stopped. A warning noting that the program had flaws, to updated to the latest decrypt only, and migrate data was given that immediately threw off red flags. It was a very obvious sign to do something else with data.

Truecrypt was survived by its volume container format TCRYPT. The program was forked into a few other viable projects including the even more paranoid Veracrypt. Entirely Free software implementations such as tcplay sprung up for operating TCRYPT partitions.

Eventually, after many years, cryptsetup, the mainstream linux encrypted volume support added support for TCRYPT volumes. Truecrypt might be dead and buried, but its container format, with all its features live on.

So why was Truecrypt? As we later came to know, the creator of Truecrypt was unmasked as a mid-level drug trafficker. No better inspiration for writing decent security as if your data is actually at risk. Did the hidden volume actually work? We don't know. But we do know he flipped states witness.

We also know after he flipped, as soon as he was released from prison, he updated Truecrypt telling everyone to abandon the project. He might have given up drug dealers, but he didn't sell out the FOSS community.(also now, cannabis is legal)

gnome (desktop)

Man does gnome have some wierd priorities when it comes to software.

For some reason, they maintain an IRC client. a half assed IRC client, polari.

But they abanoned empathy, a desktop phone/comms platform that worked reasonably.

It also did SIP, and there are FEW sip clients left on desktop linux

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