Freenode Drama

Plays right into our hands. This is exactly what I wanted to happen when detailing my previous post NOT to de-reg, but to scuttle the channel, preserving reg, and then idling with a bouncer/bot.

This man is very much a checkers player.

If you are still playing and still have a bouncer, go ahead and re-register all your nicks/chans, if you got dropped. Put everything back including chan mode +m, lock everything down, and keep regs active.

Democracy, not a Republic

And people think computer dorks are bad, the political dorks tend to be even worse.

When people say "A Republic, Not A Democracy", you know exactly what they mean. %5 of the white male population gets to vote, and women have no rights and Blacks are non-citizens. They don't believe in universal suffrage, but a republic of a few privileged elites as in Rome.

You can play semantics all you want, but that is what they mean.

Of course between the lot, there are a whole bunch of people who don't know the difference between "Republic" and "Democracy." Seems to be an American thing, because if you chant "Long Live The Republic!" at a brit, they get exactly what you are talking about real quick. But what is a republic? China is a republic, so is Iran, as well as Cuba, Venezuela, including Germany, France, Nigeria, and Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, Excludes the UK, and Sweden, but includes Israel, Egypt, Brazil, Italy and japan.

North Korean pretends to be a republic, but with three successive leaders in an unbroken paternal lineage from the founder, it is a monarchy in all but name.

A republic is a type of state, where the head of state is a bureaucrat and the government is a bureaucracy that rules in the name of the people. Note the "in the name of", while it hints at "democracy" it in no way is an
explicit. Many republics are NOT democratic, some have the pretense of democracy, some are semi-democratic in nature, engaging in contested, but wholey unfair elections.

Democracy is a form of governance, not state, of which fair elections are held for governance or governors. Democracy seems to suggest a republic, but is often not the case. Many monarchies, especially constitutional monarchies have pretty strong democratic governments.

Now we get to the "Democratic Republic", where a democratic government rules a populist state, which seems to be the most logical, and perhaps most desired arrangement.

But, Perhaps for all the screaming over the "yes the US is a democracy", perhaps, yes perhaps, instead of the usual arguments over semantics we could for once take an objective measure of democracy. Perhaps even values check of who actually wants a real democracy.

Real Democracy? Perhaps when votes are counted fairly. Perhaps we ask serious questions about the integrity of voting machines, Jerrymandering, and that electorial college that was designed to prevent people from getting a real vote, which in effect put two elections in the last 20 years to tyrants who've left us with an ever expanding merciless police state, after LOSING what would have otherwise been a fair vote.

But real democracy, where as much, votes counted equally without strange numbers games. Democracy. In this case we are back to a republic. People are too stupid to know what is best for them and "the founders knew the dangers of populism", and tyranny of the minority is a cure for tyranny of the majority.

No, I say again, the US is a quasi-democracy, because there is NOT a fair vote. It is more Democratic than it has been in any time in history, going back further, you see not wisdom, but slavers who put in place a rigged system to prevent the ordinary man from voting away their human cattle. They have nothing but contempt for contemporary experiments in real democracy(see France, first republic).

bash completions

what the ever living fuck. this is unreasonably hard.

finally found something on stack overflow to make sense of it enough for some relatively simple usecases

Police are rifling through the genetic data of millions of Americans who are not suspects and have no connection to the crimes being investigated. This is not how criminal investigations are supposed to work, and two new state laws will help minimize it.

are facemasks with eyes printed on them an effective defense against automatic facial recognition (like clearview and such) or are they smarter than that

are there known attacks that make it hard for them to automatically scrap your face from images ?

If Reagan is the answer, it must have been a VERY silly question.

Allen Ginsberg was a pedo

Beat poet Allen Ginsberg was an unapologetic pedo, NAMBLA(North American Man-Boy Love) member, and sought to normalize sex between adult men and boys.

Anyone who wants to apologize for him because he was a good poet or liked the beat scene or thinks he's important for whatever reason(hint: he's really not), can get fucked.

That is all.

Torrents aren't just a pirating thing
they are a legitimate file sharing method

As you may remember, Aaron was indicted in 2011 (nearly a decade ago) on similar accusations of violating JSTOR's terms of use, among other things leading to taking his own life two years later.

@pluralistic has some analysis of what went down yesterday. A must read.

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Two weeks from shot date, I'm finally fully vaccinated.

And the thing I'm looking forward to the most right now?

Going to a proper lumberyard.

[flatly] I am truly an exciting human being. Wee.

In case you are wondering, the human resources people have a name for the techies that meet their insane requirements: "purple squirrels".

Watch Liquid Sky

Holey fuck what is this? Androids on Ketamine listening to kraftwerk...

Reading, Opinion : Why Billionaires Like Bill Gates Can’t Fix the Problems They Helped Create:

If the outcome is the same, is indifference any different from cruelty? 🤔 😒

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