Fuck Dolly Parton

And fuck her fans too.

I do not give two fucking shits about white conservatism's sex symbol from 30 years ago.

And while we are at it, fuck all of pop country, and fuck anyone still on the southern rock bullshit.

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OK just here me out on this one.

An electricity based economy. This could work seriously.

We have things like utility based offshore wind, compressed air storage owned by the government. A fixed utility rate for electricity backed by that capacity. This is the basis for currency.

We move transportation, heating, cooking, and industrial utilities to electricity.

To grow the economy, is to grow the electricity supply.

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fucking politics 


Weed is now legal in NJ to smoke.



So, years ago, there was this hookah bar. It got shut down by the police? Why? Because hookahs looks too close to bongs in the eyes of the PD. I mean they are not. It was a standard faire hookah bar, with coffee, middle eastern food, like every other hookah bar. Except this one is out in the 'burbs, rather than being in the city.

How did they take it town? They used seldom used noise ordinances, and started picking at them here and there, just looking for any little thing they could weaponize against this place. They harassed them and their clientele until it shutdown, as restaurants run on thin margins to start with. Why? I dunno, because the hookahs looked close enough like bongs.

"Perception is 9/10ths of the law". Indeed.

Years later this story stuck with me, because this was a town in New Jersey decades ago, and now, as New Jerseyans voted with a 2/3rds supermajority to legalize weed, police still arrest people while the details are being worked out.

This is just one incident, but this is how cops in NJ work.

So, fuck these people. Perhaps we need something like law enforcement, perhaps you don't. One thing isn't debatable, is this kinda shit needs to stop.

Dr Who.

I just got done watching 4th doctor series. This is what I accomplished under lockdown.

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from fortune-mod:

No Marxist can deny that the interests of socialism are higher than the
interests of the right of nations to self-determination.
-- Lenin, 1918

need a windows .lnk editor/creator

On Linux, the .desktop format is an open format, and just .ini format. Its easy to make one in a text editor or code editor. Icon files are just .png images. Making desktop icons for progs you write is easy.

While GIMP does export to .ico for windows, I am still lacking a decent way to make .lnk files for windows desktops.

I need this because the cross platform Python Qt prog I am writing, tor-util, would not really be complete without a windows desktop entry. Because windows you need a special tool to do this.

Sausage Egg and Cheese on a Bagel, Salt Pepper Ketchup.

nothing quite like it.

hey gang i booted into linux and paired my bluetooth headset right away and it sounded good and after i fainted from shock and got back up it was still working

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