This is what censorship in the USA looks like.

Its "soft" censorship just re-enforcing what you should and should not say.

electric skateboard

This thing has finally given up the ghost. controls fail, battery shows as low when I throttle, but full at a stop.

Stays like this for a few times and ESC shuts off completely. pull the battery, and its bubbled.

ESC + Battery are cooked.

That's it I am done. This board is finnished. I am keeping the deck, battery is tossed, and charger and other skate gear and removed from my EDC.

Dr Who

There is a Dr Who channel on pluto. Showing a lot of 6th doctor.

Colin Baker certainly has the charm of Tom Baker, but the writing just isn't the same.

Its not terrible, but very much forgettable.

#DOFH excuse #45:

It's not DNS. There's no way it's DNS. It was DNS.

USPOL - War on Drugs

If you wanna know how bullshit the war on drugs is, you can watch the Johnny Dep/Amber Heard trial where they talk about doing all sorts of illegal drugs. Never once did any of themm get arrested, nor is fear or arrest ever something on their radar.

Last year, artist "Snoop Dog", who's became famous being a stoner/pot dealer as part of his persona, played the super bowl.

Not alone, For decades many famous musicians rode into fame with personas bragging about their drug exploits.

That is not including people who did drugs in secret like Elvis and countless other entertainers and even athletes that had precisely no fear of losing anything, at all for their habbits.

So what, you say?

On the other side of this, are people not so famous, without any connections either in jail, or with criminal convictions that prohibit them from most respectable jobs for doing the same shit.

I don't understand the mindset? How does anyone think they can win this?

So called "ethicists"

Just a heads up, if your so called "ethicist" holds Bill Gates in positive accord, especially in matters related to tech, this is not an ethicist, you have a "public relations goon"

@halikular When I lived in Las Vegas I met up with a guy I met on the 4chan cars forum. For a long time he was a good friend of mine. We went on lots of adventures together. Explore abandoned mines, and went off-roading a bunch. I think for some time I was one of his closest friends.

My last interaction with him was him spamming gore at me in response to me expressing that I was concerned about him.

This was his understanding of how people interact, from having developed his understanding of how to interact with people from the warped social standards of 4chan.

4chan is a place to become alienated and isolated, crabs in a bucket, being constantly pulled back down back into the filth, being told that's what someone deserves, and they can't become better than who they are.

4chan is a toxic place, fueled by cynicism and anonymity, which breeds mistrust, and encourages the most toxic aspects of people's personalities.

@NYC2600 welcomes all the fleeing twitter refugeelons into The Federation, and we invite you to swap the virtual metaspace you've been accosted at for a real actual meet-space that you'll grow accustomed to: the Citigroup Center Atrium.
Take the 🅔, 🅜, or ➏ trains to Lexington Av-53 Street
Station. Hacking hour starts at 5PM. Further details at

Reposting this from four days ago to add hashtags:

I'm in communication with a new Mastodonian who is looking for a "Mastodon app that is accessible to the blind" -- I've asked for clarification as to which platform but I think that any information posted might be helpful to *someone*.


On Hold

UPS really does not like to put you through to an actual person.

Grindr selling data to databrokers already in use by religious right

Where you, or where you not warned about social media sites collecting information on you, and how advertisers just have a complete intelligence profile on you, that they sell to the highest bidder, and this will have consequences.

May Day

Today, is the international day of labor.

As Americans we remember not only the haymarket riot in chicago. But that it was a largely peaceful protest for an 8 hour day/4 hour week. 60 hour weeks of 10 hours a day, 6 days a week was the norm.

Someone threw a bomb in the protest, and 8 people died. They never caught the bomb thrower.

Instead they arrested the leaders of the local Anarchist newspapers that where calling for a protest. They were tried and charged simply for being Anarchists. Not once did the government try to make a connection between them and the attack.

It was even given instructions to the jury, which was hand picked with government sympathizers too ignore any connection to the attack and these people where on trial for being Anarchists.

This broke all established conventions for a fair trial that either existed in the US, or pretty much anywhere else in the world.

Their executions where carried out without chance for appeal.

The even was also the reason Americans have labor day in September, as this was part of the coverup.

Today, as Americans, we remember this gross miscarriage of justice.

City residents are heavily surveilled in the U.S. Check out this graphic to learn how--from under the ground to high up in the atmosphere--people's movements and communications are tracked, traced, monitored, and recorded.

Media Tools

If there was any one big thing that FOSS and computers did, is it took what would have been thousands if not tens of thousands of creation tools, and made them available to everyone, and they take up no storage space without any physical maintenance requirements.

Not sure who needs to hear this, but I hope this inspires people to get out and do their own media projects.

Image Editing

*GIMP* -
GNU Image Manipulation Program. Photo Editor, but can do other things

*Inkscape* - Vector Graphics


*Krita* - Drawing program that pulls in half of KDE, alternative to gimp if you are drawing and not editing photos

*Drawing* - Simple MS Paint like app for GNOME(will run on other DE/WM)

Point of this one is its simple, lightweight and if you just need to mark something up real quick, without involved, complex, heavyweight tools.

*PINTA* - paint.NET for Linux

A painting tool. More heavyweight, between "drawing" and Krita

Audio Editing
*Audacity* - Audio Editing, Mixing, and Mastering tool. Lots of plugins for effects, and frequency analysis

Intro to Audacity:

*Ardour* - "Pro Grade Digital Audio Workstation"

Beginner's Guide for Ardour:

Video Editing

*Blender* - Full video and 3D CGI creation tool

This one is used "in industry" extensively, in addition to being FOSS

*KDEN Live* - KDE based Vidieo Editing tool. Rich, and featureful

*OpenShot* - Another FOSS video editor, little lighter weight, but has some features

Openshot howto:

*PiTiVi* - lightwieght, but intuitive video editor. This is might go to for a "last resort" editor, as seen on Ninja OS

*Open Broadcast Studio* - Video Streaming Tool. Fairly full featured, plugins available, stream to twich, cam sites, etc...

OBS beginners Guide:

*BUTT* - Broadcast Using This Tool

Shoutcast/icecast source with a decent GUI, and oh, a VU METER. Run internet radio on your desktop or from a remote source.

Linux dependent, and dependent on pulseaudio/pipewire.

*HELVUM* - Patchbay for pipewire

*patchmatrix* - Patchbay for JACKd

*easyeffects* - GUI config for pipewire, + adds effects

*PAVUCONTROL* - pulse audio volume control

Desktop agnostic, GUI for linux, control all channels, and all programs.

*pulseaudio-equalizer* - 15 band equalizer for pulse audio.

*handbrake* - transcode video, wide support, and lots of features.

*Transmagddeon * - SIMPLE video transcoder, less knobs and switches, almost foolproof

*Sound Converter* - simple to use, drag and drop batch sound/music transcoder. will dump audio out of video as well.

*MAT2* - MetaData Anonymization Tool

*GUI for MAT2*

Remove metadata that can de-anonymize you, if you need it.

*ImagePipe* - Inline image sanitation for android devices/phones

Will reduce the resolution and scrub metadata. You simply share to imagepipe, it does the scrubbing, and asks you to pick a new app to re-share to.

Command Line Utilities

If you are both hacker and DJ. Some people are.

*SOX* - SOund eXchange

"Swiss Army Knife" of sound tools.

Dox -

FFmpeg - another complete AV tool. Both as a command line tool and as a library

Beginners Guide:

A federal district court ruled last month that FOSTA does not violate the First Amendment. Our clients disagree and so do we, which is why they're appealing.

"Pro" tip! :blobcatgiggle:

For those of you who like to stream on #Twitch for example..

We all know that Twitch is kinda the same bs, privacy wise as any other mainstream social platform. What's the alternative you say?

Well, it's called #OwnCast!

You can easily setup your very own streaming platform with a chat and all, it's even federated!

fediverse and birdsite

If you absolutely need to follow brands and celebrities and you are fleeing birdsite...


Just march the fuck right back there, and don't pollute this space with your nonsense.

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