Spoiler, long and bragging....
So I have been taking classes to level up, and just had my first CISSP class.
I was so nervous for this one- I am literally the only person in this class that isn't already working in infosec. The introduction round made me feel so unqualified. Seriously, everyone was all "my hobby is hacking, I have been in infosec a dozen years, etc. And I was all "I do crafts in my spare time and I like to read".
Our homework was to take the practice exam, he said we would all fail, no worries, but it would show us our strengths and weaknesses. He said most people get around a 30-40%. I took it and got 52%! What?!? The instructor told us the score would be demoralizing, but honestly, it hyped me up. I guess I have picked up a little bit!
I am SO going to rock this class now!!!

I had a blast at DefCon, it was so nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones!

I have a confession, though. One of you found me in the endless loop of linecon. It was SO loud (and I may have been tipsy) that I didn't get your name... my bad, not yours, as you kindly repeated it twice for me.

Who are you?? I must know.

The people have spoken! ALL the stickers will be made. Thank you for your input!
Now you will just have to find us at DefCon! (If you are not able to attend, no worries- we will make them available to you as well!)

I am having a lively discussion with @thegibson about sticker design for DEFCON... hear me out. H.T logo stickers in Trans Flag and LGBTQ+ Pride colors. Humans of hackers.town, please weigh in and settle the debate!

Greetings, townsfolk, and thank you for the warm welcome! I am looking forward to renewing old acquaintances, making new ones, and generally settling in.
Apologies for the delay- my return coincided with the return of the eldest. Not just any old return- the FIRST return since she packed up and moved back to college.
I thought my weekend would be calm and quiet, studying and doing various Fire things interspersed with getting to know all of you, with a few menial tasks like laundry and grocery shopping thrown in.
What actually occurred was a whirlwind of college gossip, a lot of hugs, a few tears, and many endearing moments such as: “Mom, can you take me shopping”, “Mom can we eat here/this”, “Mom, can you sit with me while I get a tattoo”, “Mom, can we watch this anime series together”, “Mom, I know you have other plans but…”
All in all, it was a fantastic weekend in which I got absolutely nothing concrete accomplished.
So here I finally sit, at the end of the first day of a wonderfully short work week. I made a dent today in my list of goals, and that makes me incredibly happy. If you want to keep me company while I unpack, pull up a chair. It is so nice to meet you!


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