Clowns horror 

Ok nerds, listen up. It’s only a burner phone if it’s from the Bürner region of Germany, otherwise it’s just a sparkling LiPo.

In the white light of Artemis
From the lonely mirror of her face
Man looked down on the blue splendor of the Earth
And for the first time he saw his home

In the bright light of Apollo
He looked into his brothers eyes
And with reverence and awe
He saw himself

Apollo - Oratorio

Securely sending WiFi creds to an IoT device is an interesting problem.
Plenty of easy ways to do this insecurely, but as soon as you try and do it the right way you introduce complexity to the user, or a BOM and complexity increase to the device.
I can see why it's overlooked.

Right now I can see ESP32's Smart Config with AES being a sensible middle ground to use. Small inconvenience to the user, but manufacturer needs to resist the temptation to provision the same AES Key in every device.

What is everyone’s IOS app of choice for Mastodon? Currently using Amaroq but it seems to have decided that I’m not allowed to have notifications any more.

Hi everyone who remembered they have a Mastodon account now that Twitter is down.

Just spent 2 hours recabling my workspace to replace one laptop with another. Docking station wasn’t playing ball with my multi monitor setup, and it turns out it was because I needed a different video card driver for the Intel half of the twin display adapters in the T590. Thanks Lenovo.

Next week I shall be hacking on the ESP32 with the FreeRTOS kernel.

I know next to nothing about these things but I fully expect to get a working -something- by the end of it.

End goal is to get a -secure- something built and to understand the nuances which could lead to problems down the line so others have something to reference when they want to create their internet doodad.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is.. err.
It’s something.

I might just get the telescope out tomorrow night, if I can just drag myself away from Persona 5.

Turns out you can survive spending 8 hours in a loud data hall by applying Nightwish, Metallica and System of a Down directly to your head.

Okay gamers, I semi enjoyed the first Watch Dogs but found it got boring after a while and couldn't bring myself to finish it. I have Watch Dogs 2 on PC and a pile of free time coming up, so I figure it's time to give it a go.
What are your thoughts on WD2 vs WD1?

‪Weekend film micro review. ‬
‪Venom : Good. ‬
‪Spider-Man, Spiderverse : Surprisingly good. ‬

Getting a very Black Panther vibe from Spider-man, very stylish and knows it.

@thegibson Do you have any resources covering the elements in the new logo? I've translated the Latin but don't really understand what it's trying to say, and what is the relevance of the number 3319?

The theme of tonight will be watching Blade Runner in a crappy hotel by the airport.

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