This years long trek to the desert brought to you my Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - King of Kings - The history of ancient Persia.

T minus 2 hours until I start the long trek to the desert.

/me inserts Yubikey into new Arch laptop. Doesn’t work. Looks at the wiki to find that you have to hack udev to get it recognised as a HID. Fucksake Arch I’m trying but you’re killing me here.

Try Arch Linux they said.
It’s friendly now they said.
Just spent 3 hours unfucking a clean install of Manjaro 32 bit because they ship the install image with expired gpg certs and all their “fix” documents fail to mention they only work on the 64 bit version.

“The Boys” is basically “The Incredibles” if they got Quentin Tarantino to direct it.
Which is to say it’s actually quite good.

some things are art and other things are not

this is art

I'm the art decider

Flight simulators in VR really is something I’ve been waiting my entire life for. I can now navigate and land an A-10C, and the feeling that gives you is something you just can’t explain.

This weeks report:
I didn't want to write it.
The client doesn't want to read it.

Going deep down the Infrastructure As Code hole today

Prey is Half Life.
Honestly that's all I would have needed to know to buy it. Now it's £3 on Steam I'm glad I got it.

Clowns horror 

Ok nerds, listen up. It’s only a burner phone if it’s from the Bürner region of Germany, otherwise it’s just a sparkling LiPo.

In the white light of Artemis
From the lonely mirror of her face
Man looked down on the blue splendor of the Earth
And for the first time he saw his home

In the bright light of Apollo
He looked into his brothers eyes
And with reverence and awe
He saw himself

Apollo - Oratorio

Securely sending WiFi creds to an IoT device is an interesting problem.
Plenty of easy ways to do this insecurely, but as soon as you try and do it the right way you introduce complexity to the user, or a BOM and complexity increase to the device.
I can see why it's overlooked.

Right now I can see ESP32's Smart Config with AES being a sensible middle ground to use. Small inconvenience to the user, but manufacturer needs to resist the temptation to provision the same AES Key in every device.

What is everyone’s IOS app of choice for Mastodon? Currently using Amaroq but it seems to have decided that I’m not allowed to have notifications any more.

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