Wow, VR Chat is quite the thing.
Ended up in a virtual karaoke bar full of anime avatars and cat girls.
I was the goose from That Game™
I will not be taking questions at this time.

First two sessions with my D&D group are now up on YouTube. I’m running the “Frozen Sick” starter adventure from The Explorers Guide To Wildemount.


DM’img my first D&D game tonight. 8pm BST tonight i shall be taking the on an adventure in the Greying Wildlands. Come say hi over at

Spent the morning finishing my parties character sheets in Roll 20 and starting to setup my scenes in OBS for our online D&D adventure. I need about another 4 monitors 😂

@Fishermansenemy and if they're actively trying to anger a bull for the amusement of a crowd? Huuuuuge red flag

@Fishermansenemy if they are visually signaling allegiance to one of several present or former communist regimes, that's a red flag, too.

If your boyfriend/girlfriend is using a visual signal to indicate that they are taking in, discharging or carrying dangerous goods, then that’s a red flag.

I’m actually super glad I didn’t really play much Skyrim on the PS4, so now I get to experience the vast majority of it in VR for the first time.

Getting out of the house via the medium of Skyrim VR. It’s like going to the shops, but you get to set bandits on fire.

personal loss 

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