@CyberpunkLibrarian this is a really weird way to force those same students to use google search to find the answers instead.

@socketwench is it really that bad that the IT department can enforce a bit more obscurity on their intranet?

@powersource @socketwench I really enjoy not being tech support for colleagues, lets keep them.

@CyberpunkLibrarian They knew exactly what they were doing - another step toward making the web a heavily monitored mall.

@CyberpunkLibrarian If I were them, I'd be trying to move people toward something like Apple's "buy a devkit and a yearly license" model, which would cut people trying to do anything at all interesting way, way down.

@drwho@hackers.town @CyberpunkLibrarian@hackers.town i'm sure the Chrome Developer Edition will include important tools like View Source and Inspect Element for a mere $39.99 extra each month

@CyberpunkLibrarian it's *not* cheating, it's called using available resources. 🤷

@CyberpunkLibrarian I'll jump in and share a cute little story about jwz who, for those who don't know, wrote xscreensaver

I once mocked him for the insecurity xscreensaver that allowed you to easily by-pass it if you connected and disconnected two monitors at the same time

he apparently didn't know and got upset, how dare I question his code, and he started bugging me about debug logs and stuff

then he fixed it

@katie @CyberpunkLibrarian

then there was that time he got pissed because distros were shipping old versions with bugs he already fixed in newer versions

so the distros made sure to direct bug reports to themselves instead of him, then everyone was mostly ok with it again

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