Hello, good afternoon, yes, sorry for the bother, but...

Someone needs to make this, please? So that I might give them all the money.

@CyberpunkLibrarian if I can have a credit card sized device that has wireless, a screen, inputs, and USB support, this can absolutely happen 😯
And I want one too 🎧 :crt_w_prompt:

It suggests you can put it in your pocket, because it's foldable, but you would actually push buttons and move sliders all the time 😅 maybe it should fold differently, so that the playlist faces outward and all the buttons are covered 🤔

With decent sound and long battery life, I'd definitely buy it. I would love to have an mp3 player again instead of wasting my phone's memory and battery...

@hex Value is subjective. I figure this thing has the nostalgia thing going for it and it would probably sell just as well, if not better, than those mini consoles that were so big a while back! 😃

@CyberpunkLibrarian And the moment I saw this I heard the llama clip in my head

@Rasp There would have to be some kind of "llama edition" for a product like this. 😃

@CyberpunkLibrarian might want to replace the displays with eink ones, especially the playlist, to improve its battery life. :)
(Though screen updates are probably too slow for the visualiser.)


But then again, I love eInk in a way that some might consider to be... unhealthy. 😅

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