Google fired another woman working in the ethics of AI... because she was looking into why they fired the woman before her who was working in the ethics of AI.

@thegibson WAIT! You're using math and computer science to do things with email? That's *our* evil schtick! You're fired!


This is a brutally biased article. I'm no friend of Google but it is borderline fake news for failing to even mention this:

"Google said in a statement Mitchell violated the company's code of conduct and security policies by moving electronic files outside the company."

@jonw Possibly, yeah. Then again, Google has said plenty about the people they've let go that seem to serve little purpose than hand-waving away the criticism. They walked back and semi-apoligized for how they handled Gebru's firing, so honestly, I don't believe much of anything they say.

According to a Wired article the bit about moving electronic files outside the company was tied to her script that was searching her email.

@drwho @CyberpunkLibrarian

I'd say better than 50/50.

I'm not defending Google. I'm being critical of the manifestly biased representation of the issue.

@jonw @CyberpunkLibrarian Same. I don't know any of their spin doctors, so I can't honestly say it's anything more than a coin flip.

@CyberpunkLibrarian Big Tech is like Big Societies in cyberpunk culture, more powerful than even states.

I feel angry to learn that but not surprised.

@CyberpunkLibrarian I still use it, but DuckDuckGo is a meta search engine. It uses bing in the background.

@sirjofri @CyberpunkLibrarian probably it mixes in other sources, etcetera, but they don't really spider pages.(which are _many_ pages)

They can fire every one of them, but they can't fire them all. It's a stain that won't wash out.

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