Here's a fun thing: is now a stardate-compatible date system, with the inclusion of Year and day standards.

By stardate-compatible, I mean that it can be used to define an objective year, day, and time of day.

the year is the human era year (holocene calendar) which adds 10,000 to the current common year (current year 12022)

The day is the day of the year.

I'll call the full date under this standard StarDIT.

The current StarDIT is 12022:188:6.85

Alternatively, instead of StarDIT, the full calendar system can simply be referred to as DIT (Decimal Interstellar Time)

Weeks, if necessary, can be defined by the current Day Of Year modulo 10, (where 0= 10th day of the week)

weeks are long enough that months are kind of unecessary

Rest days are decided by people for themselves, but recommended standard is 4 rest days per week, minimum.

So today would be the 8th day of the 19th week because 188 modulo 10 is 8.

The 5 or 6 days at the end of the year, day 360 to 365 or 366, can be used however people like, but a festival is recommended.

Four out of 10 days being rest days is very roughly equivalent to having 3-day weekends in a 7-day week cycle, but the rest days are self-determined, and people can also take extra rest/holidays as they see fit.

@Anarkat My ideal work schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. 8 hour days are far more tolerable if I only have to do two in a row... Though admittedly with my medical issues, even that much is a challenge now.

@allenstenhaus what kind of workday cycle would you work in a 10-day workweek, assuming 4 rest days per week?

@Anarkat I must admit, I was stoned & misread your post when I first replied.

For a 10 day week, whatever keeps me from working more than 3 days in a row, ideally with at least 2 of my days off falling during a time when clinics, banks, & other critical services are open. I loathe working banker's hours because I often lose pay to care for my medical needs.

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