Spokane Mutual Aid call for donations :boost_ok:​ 

I've got the fundraising page finished.

Please donate through this page if you have the means: opencollective.com/spokane-mut

For a more in-depth explanation of what I intend to use the money for right now, and what the medium to long-term plans for the space are, see my post here: opencollective.com/spokane-mut


Spokane Mutual Aid call for donations :boost_ok:​ 

Right now, support to Spokane Mutual Aid will go towards helping me to open up my house as a social space for queer people and other marginalized people within my community. Spokane has a severe lack of any kind of noncommercial social space for queer people, and I would like to open up part of my sizable house for this purpose.

Contributions to Spokane Mutual Aid are tax deductible charitable donations.

If you want to help me help my community, contribute here:


Spokane Mutual Aid :boost_ok:​ 

Here's the immediate plans for the Spokane Mutual Aid Social house:

The side door entrance is now usable, so we have an entrance directly to the common area space.

We still need to erect a wall between the office downstairs and the common space, for the privacy of clients, before the common space can be opened to guests and visitors.

Once this is done, we also need to construct air purifiers for the space. We're going to go with the Corsi-Rosenthal box design, for longevity of the filters, and high airflow capacity. We want at least one of these for opening up the space, but two is optimal.

Once the wall is in place, and we have the air purifiers, we can open up the space.

After that, we plan to replace the furniture we have with couches that have pull-out beds build into them. This will allow us to host people overnight. I want to be able to accommodate people for short-term stays, while we help them find a longer-term place to stay.

I also want to undertake gardening in front of my house. There's a somewhat large planter area that I'd like to fill in with seasonal plants and flowers, and construct a sculpture to be placed in the area.

Once the space is ready for visitors, it will be open to the public for people to come in if they want. I won't be giving out the address online, for hopefully obvious reasons, but I'll be spreading the information around.

If you'd like to help me get this done, consider sending some money my way.


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