seeing people joining masto and immediately using it just like twitter.

my dudes.

if you follow 2000 people by impulsively following any person who says anything that is even mildly interesting to you, you're going to have a real fucking bad time because your feed will be completely incomprehensible. You're going to get every post, of every person you follow, in chronological order.

Slow down.

Stop and smell the individuality.

We're here to meet people, not to appease an algorithm into showing our stuff to as many people as possible.

Well, most of us, but there's no algorithm, so if you're following 2000 people without a plan, you're likely to miss all the individuals.

@Anarkat “ Stop and smell the individuality.”

This should be our new slogan @thegibson

@Anarkat This.

I've been here for ... about six years now I think (joined my first instance in 2016).

I still follow < 400 profiles.

I make heavy use of Lists, and my principle list has about 40 members (that's the one I keep pined as my primary Stream --- and yes, I use the Old School Multi-Stream view), many of which are duplicates (multiple profiles for individuals) or long-dormant accounts. 15--20 well-curated profiles should be plenty.

Remember, you've only got so much attention, and in any day there are only so many messages and communications you can have. Select for quality over quantity.

(Quantity is, of course, much easier to measure.)

There's always the Federated timeline if you truly need a firehose. (I don't.)

@dredmorbius @Anarkat
I need more of a garden hose of curated-enough people, some quality, some quantity.

@Linux_in_a_Bit So, that answers the "curated" aspect.

I guess I'm still not understanding why you'd want a firehose.


Yes and no.

I have a Friendica account, and though I'm following a lot of people (and RSS feeds) I can sort by category, depending on what I want to see.

@Anarkat I want to find interesting conversations, and it seems like following people is the way to accomplish that. Any other suggestions?

@IcyShark If you want to find interesting conversations, I think a good place to start is to find interesting people.

Interesting people tend to have interesting conversations.

Interesting people tend to group together. If you find a person who you think is interesting, they probably interact with a lot of other interesting people.

people are people. I'm here to meet people. I think everything else follows from there.

If you want to achieve something else, or you find better ways to accomplish that, don't let my advice stop you, though.

I'm some guy. You know who you are and what you want out of your experience than I would.

@Anarkat I think that is a great perspective. I guess what follows is: how do you find those interesting people?

@IcyShark start on the local timeline, see if you can find interesting people there. If you can't find interesting people on your own instance, what's the point of being there?

If you can't find interesting people on your home instance, try looking through the federated timeline. If you find an instance with people who match your instance better than the one you're already on, it's never too late to hop instances.

@Anarkat Is it frowned upon to have accounts on multiple instances? Can you link them or does it just cause confusion?

@IcyShark It's generally accepted for people to have accounts on multiple instances and to link between them in your bio.

@IcyShark you don't have to link between your accounts if you don't want to.

If you want to have multiple accounts and not link them to each other, there's not anyone that can stop you, although someone with a lot of accounts like that usually is up to no good.

Having a few, 2 or 3 accounts, and not linking between them, isn't particularly problematic.

@Anarkat excellent advice - very helpful and thank you for sharing

@Anarkat funny enough, that’s the exact reason I’m leaving twitter. I’m going through my following/followers and realize how few people I actually interact with. What’s the point?!?

@Anarkat Since returning to Mastodon, I have no plan beyond trying to meet people with shared opinions & interests. If I find myself following too many & become overwhelmed, I'll do some pruning.

Besides, I've always used a chronological timeline to avoid the faults of the algorithm. I don't expect to run into any more problems over here, but I'll be vigilant.

@allenstenhaus if the way you use masto works for you, then it works for you.

@Anarkat So far, so good. I absolutely agree with your point about trying to amass some huge following for clout or what have you. I've never seen the point. I once had 800 followers on Twitter & got way too overwhelmed. Can't imagine why anyone would want hundreds of thousands.

But then there is a great deal about people I do not understand. I probably never will.

@Anarkat 2000 is too much. But when I started, I also followed everyone. And then I unfollowed them, when their topics weren't interesting to me. Moreover the timeline is not to be read entirely. You can use it as inspiration for talk. Nobody will complain: "Didn't you see my post?" 😉

@kaffeeringe @Anarkat Yeah, 2000 sounds miserable. But while “onboarding” I follow (and unfollow) fast. You don’t gain much from an empty timeline.


I could say I haven't really come to the Fediverse from commercial social media, since I wasn't actively using them immediately before joining the Fediverse, but you made me think that I act almost exactly like this 😅

Luckily, I not only check for if someone I want to follow has posted 1 mildly interesting post, but at least 2-3, before following them

And yes, it's kinda hard to keep up with my home feed

@Anarkat A few days ago a long time mastodon person said that, unlike on twitter, it is good here to very freely follow people here, just because they give off a good vibe or something, but also don't hesitate to unfollow for similarly miniscule reasons.

Now I imagine you two in a pokemon battle.

@lilianalytic there's no algorithm keeping score, folx can use the platform whichever way they find works best for them.

If people find a way to use it that they enjoy, there's not a wrong way to use it.

@Anarkat to be fair, after people came from twitter, I've followed a bunch of people to see what they are like and just unfollow those whose posts I am not interested in. I'm just trying to give twitter people a chance.

@Anarkat and I think twitter people are doing the same themselves.

@Anarkat the way I think of it is that Mastodon is human driven rather than algorithm driven.

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