high-end phones stopped being designed with headphone jacks because regular wired headphones are too durable and reliable.

if people are forced to buy bluetooth headphones, then no matter how good those headphones are, the battery will eventually give out, and they'll need to buy new ones.

If you buy a good pair of wired headphones today, there's a good chance that those headphones will still work in 1, 2, even 3 decades.

There's headphones sold in the 70's that are still working strong.

@Anarkat (joke) its a conspairacy to sell more blue teeth i tell you!

@Anarkat And wired headphones are also incredibly easy to repair since they're just wires going to speakers in most cases

Also I absolutely refuse to get wireless headphones or a phone without a jack and I will die on this hill

Phone without a jack I can maybe accept if I buy one of those FiiO wireless DACs but the capitalists will have to take my wired headphones over my dead body

@SigmaOne @Anarkat We have a USB-C adapter thingy, it works decent. But while it works with our earbuds great, it doesn't work at all for our big headphones. Maybe it doesn't provide enough power.

I wish we had an actual headphone jack.

@SigmaOne @Anarkat You gotta be careful with those though, because some have a DAC on the adapter, and some expect the phone to handle it, and they often /don't specify which/, and of course the phones don't either.

Apple's didn't work for us, Samsung's (slightly more expensive) one specified digital and it does work. I guess our phone doesn't have a DAC.

@SigmaOne @Anarkat

I find bluetooth headphones to be very useful for homemaking and gardening, no tangling as I move. plus, maybe because I'm clumsy, I damage wired headphones pretty fast, they usually don't last a year with me.

I really wish though that they didn't make the bluetooths to be disposable, and that the batteries were easily replaceable. I also strongly resent the newer smartphones without a jack, because it precludes having a battery-free backup for when my small bluetooth ones die on the go. wired headphones also win for monitoring when doing trans voice training (even the "gamer mode" of my catgirl pink Razer has too much lag in loopback).

@Anarkat absolutely. I love my BT earbuds but the wired ones are rock-solid. My Pixel 5a has a headphone jack still, thankfully, but my wife's 6 doesn't, so she got a pair of USB-C wired ones. So there are workarounds, but they're not always ideal.

(Also, I don't get out super often, so my BT earbuds are usually in the charging dock, so running out of juice doesn't happen all that often)

@greyor clarifying: the problem with the batteries si not that the batteries run out of charge but that the batteries become degraded and the device must either be repaired with repair support parts that don't exist, or thrown in the trash.

@Anarkat oh no, I agree on that for sure. I would love to see a user-replaceable BT earbud battery. I took your original point, I guess my last part was more of an aside. I'm hoping mine last for awhile; I've had them for probably 2-3 years now.

I'm not 100% sure how e-recycling works, speaking of that. My local recycling center takes e-waste, but I am not sure what happens to it after that. Should look into that.

@Anarkat i destroy cords like nobody's business so Can't Relate but: unlike the reverse, people who prefer wireless headphones: can still use them on a phone with a headphone jack? it costs me nothing to give you that option. stop taking it away


Also the headphone jack is far too compatible and standardized of a jack.

Headphone jacks are worth retaining in phones just for their legacy importance and symbolism. The 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch audio jack are probably the most successful, forward thinking cable/port type in the whole history of electronics. They are something to be proud of, celebrate and revere as a triumph of technological progress that lifts all boats.


Even if 75% of people never use the headphone jack it is still a slap in the face of everything that technology is supposed to be about to eliminate it (just to save a tiny amount of money that a headphone jack costs in components?).

I will never buy a phone without a headphone jack so long as I even remotely have the choice. It just feels wrong to abandon such an incredible feat of engineering and standardization to shave off a couple cents in production cost.

@Anarkat so the headphone company called the phone company and said : I don't sell enough headphones, can you do something about it?

@rghvdberg phone companies also sell headphones.

Apple started the trend, pushing people to adopt the airpods.

@Anarkat I think they just need a bullshit reason to sell new stuff. And people are suckers for new shiny things.

@Anarkat student of mine got a brand new laptop. We made a song and used some external synth.

So at the end we wanted to record the output of the synth...
Shiny new laptop has no mic or line in. Wtf.
I have a 2008 single core laptop that has mic in, line in, and outputs. Couple of USB ports, even a frikking cd drive.
Thanks to progress it's now to slow for just about anything, sadly.

@Anarkat utopian computers are bigger, uglier, sturdier, and 40 years old but still running fine. the wires are dressed in kevlar. the metals are all recycled. wired phone headphones are the opposite of durable, worst ones are the ones with mic any amlount of humidity and your adio fucked forever yeah, im just proyecting bc i dont know how people carry nornal good headphones instead of shitty phone plugphones and the latter are very bad anything below like 100€ without detachable cable will die soon in my experience

@Anarkat I suspect the real reason has more to do with the impossibility of enforcing DRM at the plug.

I remember a few years ago before Brexit Fever there was talk in UK about introducing enforced lifetime guarantees that actually meant something to stop manufacturers using inbuilt obsolescence and shoddy components or design to make people buy replacements on a regular basis.
Needless to say that disappeared in a puff of smoke, but there is no physical reason anything from a car to a phone can't be built to last 40+ years, it's just a con as the manufacturers want to sell more.
The Sustainable Development Goals indicate governments must act on this to vastly reduce consumption and waste, but corporates have their hands on the strings so policy makers do nothing while the global south starves or drowns.

@Anarkat I don’t know if that nor DRM are the reason (if you look at the market: people REALLY hate wires) but it sure is convenient for them

@Anarkat Personally, i found wired headphones to break at the connector in 6mo or so, whereas I've had my current neckband-style in-ears for many years and several battery swaps.

The battery has proven to be a lot easier to exchange than the enamel-coated plugs; additionally, trrs jacks have a moving part. The exceptional waterproofness and 100% solid-state nature of new phones likely contributes to longer, rather than shorter lifespans.

OTOH over-ears for studio use should be wired; diff env!

@Anarkat i legit wanted the older model for this reason instead I'm stuck with a dongle that breaks after a month.

@Anarkat I will say that I like the convenience of no wires

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