war commentary meta 

Any analysis of the ongoing war is bad. What anyone thinks will happen doesn't matter because the outcomes aren't decided by rational actors.

The only materially useful information about the war is facts about things that are confirmed reality.

Please keep in mind: we're not CNN. We don't need to post a scoop as fact the instant we learn about it.

There's going to be an absurd amount of misinformation surrounding this war. Misinformation is part of the russian war strategy.

If you find information, verify it first. Many large news orgs are dedicating tremendous effort to reporting on the ongoing war.

If you find big information that isn't corroborated by a news agency like the AP or Reuters, either you're early and you scooped the AP, or it's misinformation

war commentary meta 

@Anarkat are you certain those press agencies are really trustworthy? Aren't they under us influence?
War propaganda is on both sides i guess

re: war commentary meta 


Propaganda's new mission is not necessarily to be believable, but to sow doubt.

"There's this kind of informational nihilism to coin a phrase," he says. "It's a destruction of the belief that there is any such thing as a reliable source."

you are not immune to propaganda my dude, and if you believe you are, then you make yourself a ripe target for more of it, because someone who believes themselves above the ability of propaganda to influence them are less likely to examine their own bias and assumptions.

But I doubt you'll take any of this seriously because the article explaining this comes from a news site called "US News" and you are already of the firm belief that anything associated with the US can't possibly be unbiased or even factual.

re: war commentary meta 

@Anarkat @patleguen7 this coming across my feed ill add this to help as a resource, image is pulled from ukraine crisis media center. some text has been detected for image impaired to understand as well.

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