the failure of renormalization 

The thread holding our society together is the belief that at some point, we can return to some previous status quo, and everything will go back to "normal"

I don't think that's going to happen.

I don't think an entire society can be as traumatized as we've been, and return to "normal"

re: the failure of renormalization 

@Anarkat I feel like any time I listen to NPR (not at all in the past few months), they are telling everyone that normal is just around the corner and we can rest easy.

the failure of renormalization 


What I fear is the damage done by trying to pretend and perform 'normal' without ever trying to address the traumas we've experienced.

The world has something in common to connect about emotionally, and society seems hell bent on creating a bubble where the utility in that dimmest of silver linings gets completely missed in the name of chasing a narrow vision of everything being 'OK'.

the failure of renormalization 

@Anarkat everything i want to say about the very idea of "normal" is just the "based? based on what?" meme but dead serious

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