Fishing is meditation for white people who think that meditating isn't manly enough

@Anarkat funny, most of the fishers I know are Black men… possibly because fishing is a practical way to get inexpensive protein

White People Fishing is spending tens of thousands of dollars on equipment to catch and release. AKA "Sport Fishing". And that's not meditative at all, really.

@calcifer Good point.

What I said applies to sport fishing, rather than sustenance fishing.

@Anarkat @calcifer Sport fishing is an international phenomenon. Brazil, Angola, and The Philippines have the three largest recreational fisheries by catches. It’s an increasing trend in Asia, South America and Africa and strongly decreasing in North America.

@vortex_egg @Anarkat this seems to describe recreational land-and-retain fishing (and most diet-augmentation fishing would be classed this way as opposed to commercial or subsistence fishing). “Sport fishing” is catch-and-release fishing done purely for pleasure, since it does not augment anyone’s diet.

@Anarkat golf is walking for rich guys who are too scared to go on a long walk with a friend because it would look gay

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