Vancouver BC was completely logistically cut off from the rest of canada by land, and currently the only reliable logistic connection to the rest of the continent is through Washington state.

Yet BC has not declared a state of emergency.

This is what climate-induced infrastructural collapse looks like.

read more via the BBC:

The long term survival of our collectives, communities, and ourselves, depends on minimizing logistical dependence, and strengthening communal interdependence.

Our dependency networks are too complex and stretched too thin. We need to ensure that the dependency/logistics networks for vital needs, food, electricity, water, can be minimized to be as small and local as possible to ensure resilience in the face of disaster.

I'm building a 5kW battery bank. Certainly not big enough to power my whole house for an extended period, but big enough to keep the fridges and network equipment powered for a few days during a power outage.

Keep refillable water jugs on hand, filled with distilled/filtered water.

Keep shelf-stable dry and canned goods on hand for when food logistics is strained.

link is borked, accidentally pasted it twice. Just check it and delete the doubled half.

@Anarkat yes to all of this. Although i will note bc has now declared a state of emergency

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