My local Planned Parenthood was remodeled into a defensible structure.

The building is wide, and sits along a wide section of the road in front of it. The lobby runs the width of the entire building, but it runs on the back side of the building, not facing the road.

There is a parking lot at each end of the building, so that patients can enter or exit from either end of the building.

Absolutely wild that this is what healthcare in the US has come to.

I forgot to mention; the planned parenthood has a little park, which also runs the width of the building, and the building sits between the park and the road. The park is not at all visible from the road, and the only way to look into the lobby or the park is by going into one of the two parking lots, where Planned Parenthood has authority to trespass chuds.

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@Anarkat I'm down with crowdfunding a moat and several anti-drone guns.

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