police violence in the abstract, re: don't post videos of police violence 

I'm going to post my concurrence to the "we don't need to have videos of the violence in our timelines.

As someone who is unlikely to be subject to police violence, I'm going to say that, if I know that some bit of police violence has occurred, I don't need to see the video. I don't need the images of what happened taking up space in my head. If I know that a thing happened, I can pretty well assume what the process looked like.

We don't need those images taking up space in our timelines or in our head. I already know that the police are terrible. A lot of people already know that.

What we need isn't images to drain our emotional energy and enrage us.

We need people to be taking that energy and putting it into mutual aid and support. We don't need to fall into the trap of letting ourselves be consumed by one atrocity after another.

We need to build each other up, making us stronger, through our support, through the love that we show to each other, to our vulnerable allies, friends, and associates.

I don't want to have to numb myself to the atrocities. I want to feel free to express feelings of support to all of the people who need it, to show them that they're not alone.

Images of atrocities don't build us up. Reaching out and helping who we can, where we can. That builds us up. Don't forget that.

police violence in the abstract, re: don't post videos of police violence 

Expanding on this, and speaking somewhat directly to people who have already or night be inclined to share one of these videos.

Just knowing that the thing happened is plenty. We don't need to see what the lead-up to the violence looked like.

Additionally, we don't need to know how unnecessary the violence was, because all police violence is unnecessary.

This may be something of a detail that it's easy to overlook but i think it's really important for people to understand.

We don't need to see how they were complying, or not a threat, or weren't armed, or any of that.

Because whether any of those things are true doesn't change the face that the police shouldn't be killing anyone.

Posting about how this incident of violence was unnecessary doesn't sufficiently make clear that all of it is unnecessary, and might lead people to the conclusion that there would be situations where responding to a threat by killing someone would be an appropriate response.

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