@thegibson I don't think a cubesat is that far outside the realm of possibility.

@thegibson @Anarkat OMG they fit in the palm of your hand! How we gonna manage all them cubes once up there?

@KungFuChickenNoodle without propulsion their orbit degrades and they burn up in reentry @thegibson

@Anarkat But very time-limited unless you can manage to fit propulsion to keep orbital degradation at bay.


@Anarkat @thegibson

There was a group from London Hackspace that managed to get one of the UK Cubesat slots as part of a collaboration with Cambridge Uni Aerospace Club, and Imperial College Engineering dept, ~9 years ago.

They were trying to test a 3d-printer design that could operate in zero-G. :D

Problems with the launch vehicle meant that it didn't take place, but it IS possible. :D

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