Voting isn't "radical action"

Voting isn't going to get us out of the quagmire we find ourselves in.

The government and police refuse to be held accountable to the people.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that votes have made things the way they are.

A massive system of exploitation and abuse did that. And it's not going to go away because some lawyer in a suit with a petition list asked nicely.

Now is the time to demand what is rightfully ours. The respect of our humanity.

Asking nicely hadn't worked. Voting hasn't worked. From where we are, the next step isn't to maybe try those things again because they might work this time.

@Anarkat the argument is not that voting will fix things in the first place.

The argument is that it is easier to effect change if Biden becomes presidents(or generally if more favorable people are electted) and that another Trump presidency is guaranteed disaster.


switching to LEDs reduces your energy consumption, but it won't fix systemic ecocide; please take a couple hours to do it anyway, it's the _least_ you can do...

voting for the Lesser Evil can make government a bit less evil, but it won't fix systemic crapitalism; please take a couple hours to do it anyway, it's the _least_ you can do...

(how I see it)

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