@Anarkat you don't have to save everyone is hard for me. I try so hard to help as as I can in so many places.

@c0debabe I'm much the same. It take a lot of energy, though. Takes a lot out of you to care so much all the time. Sometimes it's important to turn yourself off to the world to take care of yourself. That's something I need to do for myself. There's a lot of shitty things in the world and it's hard to not care about all of them. Sometimes you need to just worry about the things that are in your control, and accept the things that aren't.

@Anarkat the object placed on a ouija board was originally known as a "planchette", French for "little plank", due to its derivation from a device of the same name which with a pencil stuck through it would be used in the vaguely related practice of automatic writing

we're calling it a cursor from now on, probably, depending if we remember. that's a much more fitting name tbh

@Anarkat these are just... wow. any plans to sell them as, say, stickers?

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