Follow I think this is a question that doesn't really have any right answer.

Anything posted publicly can be freely copied. Once it's out there, it's out there.

And so what of the right to be forgotten? I think the key to this is that deleting anything from the internet is becoming less and less feasible. What is the alternative?

First, one should think about the purpose of deleting something they said from the internet. Maybe they realized that what they said was wrong. Fair. Maybe they don't want what they said associated with their identity any longer. Also fair.

Anyone should be able to, should they choose, create a new identity. I think this is at the core of the fight for privacy. It is not possible to delete something I said from the internet. It should be possible to leave an identity behind to move forward as a different person. This is something I think the pseudonymous fediverse enables quite well. Some people become very attached to their identity. This is fair. If they feel more strongly about maintaining an identity than they do about what they said being associated with them, via that identity, then they don't have to change their identity. It's a choice for someone to make for themselves.

As technology moves forward, the things we say are becoming more and more permanent within the persistent internet.

I think that this also applies more broadly to meatspace. Our legal identity is used as a method of control. It is nearly impossible to exist within the system and leave an identity behind. If someone could easily leave an identity behind, they could abandon their debts, or wrongs that they have moved past, and already made amends for. They could become someone different. The system does not want this and does not allow this because it would allow people to escape the control of the system.

A question to anyone who bothered to read this far: What would you do if you were allowed to make a new identity for yourself?

@Anarkat @catgirl The #safenetwork is working on the perpetual web. Anything made public stays public, although files can be updated by more recent versions, a bit like the Internet Archive. There are pros and cons to this, of course, but overall the feeling is it's better to have it out there for everyone rather than a select few who can replicate and store it. The question of identity is an important one and will be crucial in the coming years, I think...

@Anarkat @catgirl Again, there are issues with anonimity (trolling, bullying, fakes) but the opposite is probably more damaging. I think the way forward is multiple identities only very loosely attached to a central ID is the way forward, possibly operating on the basis of a web of trust or reputation system. Tricky problem though.

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